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Default OK, got the EC20 thing figured out now...

Used handheld, the EC20 can be a finicky item to use. I have captured some excellent shots with it and had some results that really had me scratching my head. It's obviously difficult enough I cannot keep the thing handheld well enough to obtain consistent results.

Turns out all it took was a $500 tripod, using the anti-shock setting and the RM-CB1 cabled release.

I've never used anti-shock before, ever, but started playing with it on my E5 and love how it works. When you turn it on you have to determine the delay from the time the mirror raises when you press the release before the shutter is released and the mirror is pre-released every time as long as you have it turned on. I have mine set to 1/2 second.

The beautiful part is, once turned on, it becomes part of the advance settings where you choose single or continuous advance so you never have to menu dive again to set it and it can be turned on or off using the super control panel or the top panel LCD without using the back LCD at all.

Here's a shot at 224mm of downtown from WAY off. I only zoomed in enough to fill the frame with the downtown skyline. I also noticed Southwest Airlines was using the over downtown route for landings at Love Field so I waited for the next plane and shot this. These were all captured with the 50-200 SWD and EC20 on the E5, mounted on a Manfrotto CF tripod....4 section-legged job that'll extend the camera over my head, and that's before I start extending the center column.

Here's a shot where I zoomed all the way to 400mm with the EC20. You can even see the clock hands on the old Mercantile Bank Building (the time is not right!)..

Here's a shot of the moon while still in the last blue light before the better contrasty dark night had set in..

Sunset at 316mm (633mm EFL)..

And the full moon at 400mm after nightfall. From now on, this is how I use the EC20..

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Impressive set Greg. Moon shots are especially impressive!!
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....I recon so.

What is the most impressive here is how you continually learn usage of the hardware with results to show for it.
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the tip and sharing your setting. I'm going to give it a try.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Not sure why, but I always thought of anti shock as being similar to the mirror up function in older film SLR's. I should have known it'd be am improvement, and it us. I also never used it because I never used a tripod.

That has changed, too.
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Thanks for this info(and great photos), Greg.

I can't handhold the 50-200 with the EC-14 - can't imagine doing that with the EC-20. I have shot the 50-200+EC-14 on sticks but I used the self-timer to reduce camera shake when pressing the shutter release. What you're describing is much better - get the mirror up with time for vibrations to damp before the shutter fires. Excellent!

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