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aliasd2 Nov 19, 2006 9:31 AM

Hi Everyone

I often take pics of my kids' basketball games at the local YMCA. I have the 40-150 lens and an FL50 flash. I get good pics with this set-up but miss out on a lot due to the recycle time of the flash.

My question is, is the 35-100 lens going to allow me to shoot quicker and/orin burst mode without the flash. The lens is a tad bit on the expensive side so I don't want to buy it with this as my primary purpose and it not be able to give me the results I want.

Any similar comments for the 50-200 are also appreciated.

Greg Chappell Nov 20, 2006 2:24 PM

Which camera do you shoot with, and what are the lighting conditions in the gym?

Obviously, at a constant f2 aperture, the 35-100 is faster by more than one stop at the short end and over two stops at the long end compared to what you are using now so you would definitely be better off, and yes burst mode will be available with the obvious limitations to the buffer your camera has, hence my question about which camera you are using. The E-1's 12 image buffer does faily well. I rarely have to wait on it since 12 image bursts aren't something I typically shoot, even at sporting events.

Here is a set of images I took with my E-1 and 50-200 f2.8-3.5 about a year ago:

You'll see these were taken at a women's college basketball game, so the lighting conditions were optimal, yet I still was shooting at ISO 800 to get to a point to where I was stopping the action fairly well. With the 35-100 f2 you'll be able to shoot at an even faster shutter speed because of the f2 aperture. You won't have quite the reach, but you'll also probably be closer than I was to this action. In any event, I will wager even with the f2 zoom you will still be shooting at, at the very least, ISO 800 and maybe even 1600, depending on the prevailing lighting conditions, whichhave been quite bad in the some of the gyms I've been in.

aliasd2 Nov 20, 2006 3:37 PM

Hi Greg. Thanks for the reply. I'm using the E300 and you've confirmed what my suspicions were. That is, I don't believe I'll have enough light to shoot without a flash even with the 35-100. I would be closer, as you said, but the lighting conditions are pretty poor. I think I'll just stick with my kit lens for these shots and use the FL50. I'vetaken some nice shots like that. I'll just continue to suffer with theflash delay... :(

By the way, some nice shots of the Baylor game. Appreciate your sharing and the time to answer my question.

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