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How do you create Panoramas with the Evolt E-500. Or can you?

Mahalo, Jami
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Not in camera (like you could with digicams)...you basically overlap the images you take, and then on the computer you load the images into stitching software; Olympus Master (the software that came with the camera) has a free stitch function (I've never used it though).
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I tried that but the Olympus Master cd-rom said that I didn't take it in panorama mode.
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The xD Panorama function is not available on the E-500, it is on the E-510
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Best you can do with the e500, would be to place the camera on a tripod and just take a few photos, moving the camera slightly to the direction you want the pano to be. Then, I'd take all those photos, uneditied into photoshop(other other editing software) and manually stitch the photos together. From there, you can do your cropping and color adjustments and anything else thats needed.

Like someone mentioned, the e500 doe not have the pano feature, the e510 does but you need to use the xd card. Also, most of the point and shoot cameras from olympus have this feature as well.

Maybe one day, it would be a nice firmware update for the e500, but I doubt it..
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I also use the E500 and for panorama shots, I user Panorama Maker 4 Pro. It's fantastic and extremely easy. You simply select the series of shots you want to create the panorama and it does the rest. Even still, it's HIGHLY recommended that you use a tri-pod, as someone else here has stated.
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Jami -

Panoramas are fairly easy to make with your E-500 but it does take a bit of practice to get started. Whether you want to take two or 20 shots to stitch together, remember that you want to maintain the same focus and exposure value through out the series of pictures. This will help minimize "blending" problems as you stitch together your pictures (well, really as the software stitches together the pictures.)

When I make panoramas with my E-500, I first set the focus by pressing the shutter button half way to get a focus lock on "some" point in my series of pictures. I usually select something moderately far away as I'm not usually worried about close-in focus. Once I have the focus set, I switch to manual focus by pressing the "AF" button to the right of the "OK" button on the back and selecting "MF" (or manual focus.) Don't touch your focus ring on the lens.

Second, I set the exposure. I usually use "A" mode and set this to 7.1 or 8.0 (maybe higher or lower considering the brightness.) I then aim at a medium bright area in my picture area and again half press the shutter button to set the exposure value. Then push the "AEL/AFL" button on the back. The default setting for this in "MF" mode is "AEL" (or automatic exposure lock.) Don't touch the exposure adjustment dial on top.

Now you can take a series of pictures you can stitch together. You can hold the camera for either a horizontal or vertical view. You can alsomove horizontally or vertically in your series of pictures and you can have one or several rows or columns of shots. As already mentioned, you want some overlap between your various frames and about a quarter overlap is sufficient (and this takes some practice, believe it or not.)

A tripod definitely helps. But, don't use a polarizing filter.

Once you're done with taking your series of pictures for your panorama, don't forget to "zero out" your manual focus and exposure settings! If you like me, I like auto focus and letting the camera set the right shutter speed if I set the aperture.

There any number of software programs out there that can do panoramas. Autostitch is a free program that gets generally good reviews. Adobe programs have similar functions as do the other major lines of software. Once your panorama has been stitched together, you may notice some seams or blend lines where frames come together; this is easily edited "out."

Have fun with your E-500 and be sure post a panorama or two!

Stoneyin NoVA
Olympus E - 500 and C - 730

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