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HarjTT -- great find once again!! Looking over those links, lots of good info :-)

Now, only to get my hands on some extra cash and start trying out some different lenses!!
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Doug, I have purchased an E1 and find that I would like to have a portrait lens to complement the 14 - 54 mm that I have. I own the takumar 50 mm f1.4. What do you think, is this lens comparable to the sharpness of the ZD 50 mm f2.0 lens? I see someone on another forum believes the 50 mm pentax lens causes a yellow cast and is relatively soft in comparison to other fix lenses, what is your opinion? I see a M42 adapter on the GoShot website and also another type on ebay. What adaptor did you pick up and is it recommendable?
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Alot of the older 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumars take on a yellow cast as they age because of a rare-earth glass element that they use. But the good news is, it's easily fixable. Mine had the problem too. The way to fix it is to leave the lens on a window sill for a week or two where bright sunlight will get directly into the lens (you might need to turn the lens a couple of times so as to make sure that the bright sunlight gets into all of the glass). Mine definitely cleared up the yellow cast after this treatment.

As for the sharpness of this lens, it's VERY sharp. It's a tad soft wide open, but quite a bit sharper by f2, and razor sharp by f2.8. I would say that by f2.8, this lens is equally sharp as the 50mm f2 Digital Zuiko.

IMHO, this lens is at least as good as Nikon, Olympus, and Minolta's 50mm f1.4 lenses, and possibly slightly better than those.

As for M42 to 4/3 mounts, I got a couple of them from different sources on ebay, both Chinese, and they both were fine. Don't recall the names, but an M42 thread mount is quite easy to make.
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