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vette-freak Mar 12, 2006 5:49 PM

I have seen a adaptor to use Oly Om llenses on the E-300/500. I also saw an adaptor to mount Nikon lenseson these cameras.I wonder which would work best for Long 400+ lenses. I will use it for wildlife soI don't need speed or AF just sharp long tele. Thoughts?????

jorgen Apr 15, 2006 1:59 PM

This site has some comments about some of the OM lenses: - the last link discusses the quality of the different lenses.

Note however that like the 400mm become twice as long, the quality of the lens you use should also be twice as good as what you need for 24x35mm photo. Not all OM lenses are suitable for the e-series and you generally have to stop down a couple of f-stops, thus making the viewfinder darker. The same must apply to Nikon lenses.

jorgen Apr 22, 2006 5:51 AM

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I went heron hunting with a 350mm Tamron f5.6 from my OM days a few days ago. As you can see from this handheld (failed) picture: the lens is very sharp (and I was slow). I will one day try my 500mm/f8 Tamron (with a tripod) some day.

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