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UniSonBBS Jul 28, 2003 6:10 PM

Olympus E-10 "Best Settings"
Hey Everyone,

I was just curious what are the best settings for outside picture shooting. Mostly for Sunny and Cloudy conditions. I was just curious where I am not a very fluent manual setter.


BjarneChr Jan 11, 2004 1:57 PM


It is difficult to say which settings to use.

I usually shoot in A or S mode. A mode mostly if i want to control the Depth Of Field (DOF) - A small F-value gives a small DOF and a larger value gives a larger DOF.

S mode is used when shutter speed is impotant, if you want to capture a fast moving object a fast shutter speed. A relatively fast speed is needet to avoid camera shake if you are not using a tripod.

bcoultry Jan 11, 2004 3:10 PM

As "BjarneChr" indicated, shutter speed and size of aperture aren't so much related to lighting conditions as they are to motion and focal point. When it comes to the amount of light in the scene, you can control exposure better by using, say, spot metering to make sure the most important part of the picture is properly exposed or, if the entire picture is too light or too dark, using exposure compensation. In this last case, if the photo is too dark, increase the compensation on the plus (+) side; if it's too light, decrease it on the minus (-) side.

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