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tomjeff1105 Nov 19, 2005 10:51 PM

I just received my E-500 Kit 2 and am trying to learn all about it. I notice some posts about updating the firmware on the E-300. When I went to Olympus website to check for firmware or software updates, it stated thare were none available for the E-500. My firmware info on camera is the 1.0 version. Please advise if you know of validity of this or can I go to another site to download an update. I thought maybe the E-500 did not need update as it is newly released, but you are all talking about the E-300 update to 1.3.I will be watching for a reply and thanks. I am in Virginia.

mtclimber Nov 19, 2005 11:11 PM


All you have to do is go to and determine which is the latest update for your digital camera. It is really simple, dude.


Mikefellh Nov 20, 2005 4:12 AM

First off, each camera has its own firmware revision, just because another camera has a higher revision number means nothing, it doesn't mean your camera is behind the times. Yes, the E-300 revision is 1.3, but the E-1 revision is 1.4...all that means is there has been one more update on the E-1 than there has been for the E-300...the first revision for the E-500 (if there needs to be one) will be 1.1.

Second, YOU don't download the update. On the Oly E-system the software Olympus Master does the downloading and updating for you. If you ever see a link on a website that states "download this file and install it into your camera", it isn't official and may ruin your camera. Oly made the process automated to prevent unofficial (and risky) firmware from being posted.

Lastly, this page has all the info about firmware you need to know, (suggest you bookmark it). It not only lists the current firmware for cameras, lenses, flashes, converters, extention tubes, etc. (don't forget the other devices have firmware too), but it also gives a link to the instructions on how to update your camera. You can check the firmware of other devices by having them on the camera and using the Firmware option in the camera's menu.

If a lens needs updating, just put it on your camera and follow the instructions to have the software do the firmware will check the camera and all devices currently attached to it, and then update the devices that need updating. For now the E-300 instructions would be closest to telling you how to do the firmware update on the E-500...ignore the E-1 instructions.

Also, you don't need to look up if something needs updating before running the can hook up your camera at any time and run Olympus Master telling it to do a firmware update, and IT will check to see what's available and let you know if your camera or anything attached to it needs upgrading...if no updates are available it will tell you that too. As I said it's all automated now. When I got my E-300 I went through said only the lens needed updating, and that's all it updated; the camera was still 1.3, and the flash 1.0...the lens updated to 1.1. Again stay away from sites that say, "download all the updates you need here."

Lastly (again), since you are new to the E-system, one of the BEST sites for E info is: Since buying my E-300 in August I still go there a few times a month and every time I learn something new.

tomjeff1105 Nov 20, 2005 10:46 AM

Mikefellh :Thanks for all the valuable info. I still have a lot to learn so you may see my posts again. I will check on these sites today.

tomjeff1105 Nov 20, 2005 11:15 AM


Thanks for info about Cameratown. I checked for firmware today and it had none listed for the E-500. I received a reply from Mikefellh explaining how to use the Olympus Master to check for updates for camera and lenses and automatically update the equipment. I appreciate this forum which lets everyone share their knowledge. Thanks again


mtclimber Nov 20, 2005 1:00 PM


Mike did the excellent and comprehensive explaination, and I tip my hat to him.


bbrat Dec 12, 2005 12:17 PM

there is now a firmware 1.1 update for the E-500, check out the olympus sites for info...


Mikefellh Dec 13, 2005 9:12 AM

Was just about to say (to update my above reply). All the info about it and how to do it is at:

And as I stated above, the first update is numbered 1.1.

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