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Took a few test pictures with my new E-500 today and when I used the OMS to download the pictures I could see them going in but when I go to "Browse Images" the pics I downloaded are not there. I can download using the camera as a drive and drag and drop but right now this is a pain. Any Ideas what I may be doing wrong or may have missed. Back to the book while I am waiting for an answer.


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My first thought...Why would you use OMS to download the images?

My second thought...What operating system are you using?

For the sake of example, I'm using a PC with XP. As a rule, I dowload my images from the card with the computer's built in card readers but I have downloaded from the camera several times so I'm familiar with the procedure.

I hope you aren't going into Olympus Master and dropping and draging individual images. That would be a REAL drag! What a pain in the neck.

In my case, I made a separate folder into which my freshly dowloaded pictures go. Using my boundless imagination, I named this folder "dslr1".

So here is the procedure I use when dowloading images from the camera:

1)Having hooked my camera up to the computer as per the instructions, I go to "MY COMPUTER"

2)In My Computer, I double click on the drive which is my camera.

3)As the images appear, I go to the menu and click "SELECT ALL"

4)Then I click "MOVE TO"...and I click on "dslr1"

All the photos are removed from the camera and deposited into folder . Takes just a minute or two to move about 20 pictures en massefrom camera to hardrive.

You should be able to access the folder with all of your picture from Olympus Master. Find the folder and click on it open them up as thumbnails.

If you are using a MAC, forget everything I just said and hope somebody else can help!
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Hi Brent and thanks,

I am doing the same as you with the same operating system since I could not view the photos in the OMS. You did teach me about "Select all" however. I just want to use the software because I have it. Does not mean that is the wayI am going to transfer my photos in the long run. Just part of my learning process.

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Don't use MOVE TO, use COPY TO...there's less chance of a corrupted card. I don't know how many times I've read about people with corrupted cards who have lost pictures...personally I prefer to check that all pictures have been copied from the camera to the computer, and then format the card in the camera to keep the directory structure intact.
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