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I am really pleased with my Olympus repair experience. My camera is about 14 months old and developed a viewfinder problem (documented here in an earlier thread). After soliciting advice via message boards and a visit to Wolf's Camera in Topeka, I finally bit the bullet and called the Olympus repair center in New York. I was talking to a real live person within 90 seconds. He asked some questions and talked me through doing a "factory reset" (which I had already tried) and agreed with everyone else that it did need a service center trip. I had the necessary paperwork by E-mail within an hour. I tracked the delivery via UPS website and within 2 days of their receipt of the camera I had an E-mail stating the repair costs and was asked to contact them about what I wanted to do. Once again when I called the 800 number I was connected to an actual person within a minute. The repair costs are a little over 100 dollars which includes shipping it back and a 6 month warranty. I paid via debit card over the phone and was told it would take 10-14 working days to get the camera back. However it was picked up by UPS the next day and is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow.
I have been having camera withdrawal and will be so glad to get it back. I am totally impressed with how quickly the repair was handled. The only thing I could kick myself about is that I forgot to ask exactly what they found to be the problem. Hopefully that is detailed in the paperwork that comes back with the camera.
Angie I.
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I too am impressed with their service. Haven't needed to use their repair service yet but I have found it necessary to email their tech support department on several occasions to confirm compatibility of certain accessories. I also had a problem not being able to register my new equipment. They replied promptly on every occasion, telling me exactly what I wanted to know, and solved my registration problem.

Excellent service so far. I'm glad I stuck with Olympus (now on my third Olympus body) and didn't choose a rival make instead.
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Glad to hear that your viewfinder information display issue has been resolved..

Thankfully, I've only had one problem with an Olympus camera and that was with the C-5060WZ about 4 years ago. Olympus repaired it free of charge as it was a known problem.As with your experience, mine wasjust as positive. I've had both an E-500 and now, the E-510 and am happy that I have no issues with either. Given that both are considered to be entry level cameras. It's reassuring to know that entry level doesn't mean poorly made or cheap.

Hope you get your camera and get back to taking pictures.


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My only experience with the Olympus techs were excellent as well. Within the first year of owning my E1, the rubber grip material started coming loose, a very common problem with the E1. I sent it in as a warranty fix and had the camera back within two weeks, and they had both replaced the grip material and gave the camera an overall service, which now, three years later, I reallyshould have performed again. Unfortunately, this time I know it won't be quite so economical!
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