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Default Olympus shops in Hong Kong ?

Hi guys,

I have to take the wife to Hong Kong for her 40th birthday (from Australia), and I'm hoping to buy a few Oly bits like a macro lens and a flash for myself while I'm there.

Can anyone point me to the name of a shop in Hong Kong worth going to have a look at for Oly gear ?

I've done the Google searching thing but most shops listed stock very little Oly....

Exchange rate is getting better by the day so I'm hoping the prices will be good.

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Nobody got a name of a camera shop they can recommend, I'm going to be there in seven days ?

I found a few mentioned on other forums, but I'd trust somebodys opinion here more...

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Well, hope this info u can see on time.

Olympus not doing well marketing in Hong Kong, there are only few shop carrying their D-SLR item.

1. ibroadway.com.hk - Chain store (can find their branch at most shopping mall), not carry full range item, and expensive.

2. tincheungcamera.com.hk (MTR Tsimshatsui station) - Carry fully range OLY item, location at Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, which is convenience to go. BUT 10-20% expensive, ask for surcharge for credit card payment.

3. 2 small shop @ MongKok area (MTR Mongkok station), I am not so sure their name, but they are at 2th Floor Sim City, 47-51 Shan Tung Street, Mongkok, Kowloon. You may find 2 shop selling OLY item, they are own by the same boss, so, no need to waste time to compare their price there. These shops are quite famour for local OLY user as they are friendly, reasonable price, and accept credit card. Recently, I got FL-50R - HK$26xx, 12-60 - HK$6,5xx from there.

Good Luck!!!

P.S. Remember, they provide you the OLY INTERNATIONAL Warranty card.
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The last time I was in Hong Kong two years ago, I didn't find the prices to be too good. In fact, electronic goods, cameras and computer equipments are cheaper over here in the States if you know where to look. Perhaps, comparatively the prices may be better than in Australia.
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Hi Martin

Riley, who used to post quiet frequently on the forum is from OZ and I know that he used to buy quite a few Oly gear from B&H Photovideo in the US. I think Riley still checks the forums, so mate if your about let us know if your still getting lenses, etc from the US or may be HK now ?


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Default I'm back...

Got back from Hong Kong yesterday.

I bought an Olympus Zuiko 35mm Macro, and in the end bought a Mecablitz 48 AF-1 flash as well (I was going to buy the Tumax DPT386AFZ).

The 35mm macro lens came from a Broadway store. The list price was 30% less than the best prices here in Australia. Broadway stores seem to be a rare mainstream Oly retailer in Hong Kong (as well as Canon & Nikon). Although there are a thousand little corner cameras stores across Hong Kong (Kowloon) they only sell Nikon and Canon gear.

The flash came from Wing Shing Photo supplies (57, Sai Yeung Choi St, Kowloon). It was only 65% of Australian discounted prices !
Originally I'd dismissed the Metz as being too out far of my league, however the store guy cleverly showed me the Metz as well as the Tumax side by side .
The Metz was an obvious leap in build quality. I pondered the value of it for a moment and decided to buy it.
Interestingly the Metz and the lens cost nearly the same price. Yet in Australia there is about a 25% difference...

Also bought a couple of filters from the corner store guys. Fujiyama brand from Japan, hopefully they are OK, seemed so thus far.

So Hong Kong was a bargain place for an Aussie Olympus user, especially with the current exchange rate...

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