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Default Olympus User Magazine Issue 24 Spring issue

Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm really not sure where to start with this thread and if I should actually be starting it or not. My thoughts were to email all of my friends on the forum indiviually and let you know that I'd been asked to do a wee interview for OlympusUser for their next issue and leave it at that. However, that was always going to be hard as the magazine's editor were working on getting the spring issue out asap and low and behold the spring issue's front cover page is already on display online, so I decided tonight that a wee new post on the best Oly DSLr forum out there might be the best way of doing this although part of me still feels that may be I should not making any kind of annoucement at all.

The Snow Queen shoot from 2009

My heads been spinning around for the last few weeks after Olyuser got in touch and asked if I;d be interested in doing an interview and more so after they let me know that they'd decided to use one of the pics that they had asked from me for the issues cover page.


I'm not sure when the issue is going to be out but from the looks of it, I'd say that its going to be fairly soon, possibly within the next 2 weeks. As its a quartley publication and subscription only the only way to get access to it is by signing up but from what I;ve been able to tell portions of previous issues of the magazine end up being made available on line.



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Wow, good stuff Harj, congratulations and great shot on the cover.
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Exciting, isn't it. Can I say I knew you back when you were "just" a regular street tog..???!!! Like I say I knew the Beatles when they were just a scouse group..

Hope you can copy and paste the article here when it's out. Tried to register "a few times" but it's not working.
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Very exciting Harj, thanks for not putting off 'til later. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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Guys, thanks for everything.... Its been pretty crazy and unreal if you ask me, and Scouse it has been exciting but also quiet nerve racking as well. From a personal point of view I'm more happy for the models and makeup artists that have worked with me and that it helps to boost their profie and get them recognition for all of their hard work on my personal shoots.

Until they got in touch with me I never thought the mag appeared in print but it does and I've asked them if its ever going to be made available like the other photography magazines. Who would have known that there was an Olympus User magazine ?? Scouse it might be a browser issue but then again it might not but I'll email then and find out if its available to non UK/Eu residents.

Once its out and I have my own copy I'll post the article on line so that everyone on the forum can have a read. I've found that previous copies of the mag are avilable here:


So I'm assuming at some point towards issue 25 that it'll appear here as well.



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Super congratulations and well done and well deserved!!

( Now, don't forget your old forum buddies now that you are hitting the big time fame!! )
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Congratulations maximus, Harj!! Your head must be spinning.
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Congratulations!! Harj.

I've always said that I preferred looking at your photographs of 'birds' rather than the birds I shoot. It's evident, that I'm not the only one.

Seriously, a well deserved recognition of your fine work in glamour photography. I, for one, couldn't be more pleased.

best regards,

Zig Guzikowski

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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I'm glad to see the spotlight on you, Harj. You do a nice really job in the studio!

I have an idea for the Summer Edition as well.... "Harj Does the Street."

While the girls are prettier in the studio, I love you take on the street as well.


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congrats Harj
gonna go all David Frost on us ?
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