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Default The Olympus User Magazine Issue 24 Spring issue - with pics

Hi Guys

I finally got copies of the magazine courtsey of Mark Thackara (head of Oly UK Marketing) and the magazine publisher. As most of you weren;t able to subscribe to the magazine online (I've asked Olympus UK and the publisher) why thats the case and their fashion feature wasn't made available online, I've taken a few snaps of what was in the magazine and share that with you all. The feature itself to my shock was 6 pages in total and 8 images being used including the one on the front cover.

I've been in touch with most of teh models and mua's ad theyre all pretty chuffed that they've had their work publsihed and also been credited too.

The snaps are the not the best quality as I really need to get it scanned in properly but if any you would like the full high res images let me know.


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Harj, Harj, Harj......... outstanding! Very well done, interesting, informative and personable, I enjoyed reading every word and I had no idea of such need for out front planning. I know that in time, should you continue in this field, your work can stand along side that of your inspirational mentors.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing this with the forum.
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As Bob said, Congrats!
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Well done Harj. I should perhaps switch my genre from wildlife and landscape to working with models.

They'd all die laughing though!
"You are who you pretend to be."
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Excellent job, Harj! Scoring even the cover on any publication.....that's big-time.
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well deserved Harj, you've worked dam hard at it
this is perhaps, just the beginning !
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Congrats on a well deserved recognition of your photographic work and talents.
I also enjoyed reading the complete article.

I wish you continued success

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Outstanding, Harj!
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This is really good stuff, I enjoyed the article.
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Hey Guys

Thanks for all of the comments and I've been pretty shocked and chuffed with the number of images and pages they gave for my interview. The interview itself was longer and I wish they had I had mentioned this forum and how everyone that posts here has been a major help over the last 5 or so years.

Bob, I really wish I could be a be more spontenous with the shoots and require less planning but if I'm not the shoots tend to be way harder work. I think its ar for the course - they're a fair amount of planning that takes place with some togs even story boarding the shoot before hand so everyone knows what to do on the day.

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