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Default The OM-D

I was invited to go to a special "meet and sale" at my local photo store (I problably spent way too much money there...) and I was able to speak with the Olympus representative for about 10 minutes ... and do a quick test of the OM-D with the 12-50.

At the end...
- I love the "sturdy" feeling
- The electronic viewfinder is working fine (way better than my VF-3)
- The ergonomy is better than the E-PL2 ... But still not as good as the E-30 (this is normal, it is way smaller)
- The 12-50 looks good
- Yes, I was able to ear the "sea sound" generated by the camera ... it is probably annoying in a quiet room but itis not too bad

My conclusion .... It is a winner!

At the end, I will probably order it ... tomorrow!

I just need to decide ... Body only or with the 12-50?

As for the 4/3 format, the representative told my that they are studying (they as the Head Office) a possible replacement to the E-30 (E-50?) and the E-5 (E-7?)....

Knowing that there is a replacement coming soon for the E-30 will be the only way to stop me to buy the OM-D...

Also, he will like to see an entry level camera like the E-620

One can always hope....
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