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Default OMD E and EM1 Size comparison.

A rough attempt at gauging the size of the EM1 compared to the OMD-E not 100% accurate but I think close enough to give a better idea of what the size difference between the two actually is.

That new grip looks as if its not that substantial at all.
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Default I agree!

I think that is a relatively good comparison. The EM1 seen is a prototype or early pre-production. Obviously not a finished production model. The EM1 looks to be slightly wider. The grip looks to me, like it will likely be well proportioned to a production body style.

I expect the final production model will be much more refined in its shape and details.
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Harj: found another size comparison showing the M1, EM5, and E-P5.


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Will be interesting to see what develops with this new cam. I can't see a lot of M5 users running out to buy the new model.
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Originally Posted by James Emory View Post
Will be interesting to see what develops with this new cam.
Ha, ha. Good one!
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Still a couple of weeks before it is even introduced so hard to say, but I would think a fair number of E-M5 users, especially the ones who bought it early (well over a year ago now), will go for it. I'll want to wait and see actual images side by side of the M1 and M5, and I'll definitely be going by Arlington Camera to "fondle" it for sure. Already having the E-M5 myself, it's the lens that has my primary interest at the moment.
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Greg knows I've been waiting quite a while for this camera, mostly because my 4/3 lenses will work better than with my P3 and as well or better than on my E-3. I also believe my lenses will match up pretty well in size with the M1. Presently I use all my 4/3 lenses except for the 50-200 which does not handle so well with the P3 physically but for the M1 I am believing the balance(s) will be good for all the lenses I have.

I am caught in the middle again, M1 & 12-40, same as I was with the E-3 & 12-60 combination at the time. My predicament being I had and still use my 14-54 so until I drop/destroy the 14-54 I likely won't get a 12-40.

Definitely will have a grip though and one thing for sure, when Arlington Camera has a shelf of M1s and if I like how it feels and fits then I will have it right then.

Personally I don't have an argument with the pricing for the camera, the grip or the 12-40 lens if bought at first issue. I bought my E-3 early on and intend to do the same for the M1, again, if I like it once it gets here.
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new IS unit for whatever comes next me thinks
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Hi Guys

Spent an hour or so at the local camera store this morning and spent a good a fair amount of time looking at a number of cameras. I was able to play with the OMD-E for 10 mins or so and cam away with the following personal thoughts on the size and weight of the camera :

1. The build quality was much better than I could recollect from the last time I had a look at it.
2. Weight - the weight is good and it has a nice feel to it - quality is what came to mind.
3. Size - for me its too small and I would not even attempt to use the 14-54 with it. The lugs on the sides were a source or irritation and the button placement is really cramped.
4. Grip - it felt a wee bit better this time round but I could wrap only two fingers around the grip to hold the camera. It felt as if it would drop out of my hand and not comfortable at all.

So I came away thinking that the EM-1 is not going to be tall or wide enough for me to comfortably use as its the same height and marginally wider than the OMD-E.

The plus point is that the slightly larger grip and the button placement on the EM-1 looks to be a big improvement over the OMD-E so should make it easier to use. The build quality while nothing quite like the E-X's is good and the cam should feel solid. It confirmed that if your're going to need to get a BG simply to be able to use it comfortably - with or without FT glass.

Now I also had a good look and play with the Fuji X1Pro and that for me is the right size and if the EM1 was that the EM1 it would be a viable option to replace my E3.
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some guy put a size comparison on the net based on estimation of the hot shoe
and my response
what do you think, could it really be that big?
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