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Default Which one's better?

14-42mm or 14-45mm? I've read the 14-45mm is better but value your expertise in things like this.
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.....both are pretty good! I have an original 14-45 f/3.5-4.5 which is a favorite I use mainly with my E-300. It makes up my 'lightweight pkg'.

Here are some samples ... http://tinyurl.com/ylfuem3

I shot these one morning 4 years ago at the Tyler, TX Rose Garden while waiting for a baseball game start. Just walking through the garden shooting some -auto program jpg- snapshots

I've not ever used a 14-42.
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Default I used to have the 14-45...

I wasn't really impressed by it. It was not a consistant lens. Others swear by it and say the step to the 14-54 was a sideways move. It leads me to believe the old 14-45 has quite an amount of sample variation.

SLR gear has run the test on the 14-42 here:


and the 14-45 here:


I'm thinking the test resembles the sample I used to have. This old zuiko put other kit lenses to shame. It was more a measure how bad those other kit lenses were than how great this lens was. I think most agree the new outperforms the old here, but has a less robust build.

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I agree there were indeed sample variations in the Zukio 14-45mm lens. The only sample of that lens I still have is the one that came wit the E-300 two lens kit and it seems pretty good, as is Bob's lens.

Merry Christmas!

Sarah Joyce
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I'll have to definitely vote for the 14-42mm. My sample has been a superb lens.

Steven R
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As someone with both a 14-45 & 14-42...a few years back with the 14-45 I started looking at the 14-42 since people kept saying how much better it is than the 14-45, so I tried one and wasn't impressed and the 14-42 was actually worse than the 14-45 (especially at the extremes), and I reported that the people who thought the 14-42 was better were nuts. That got me into a lot of trouble.

After that I tried another 14-42 and got the same results (I must have a very good copy of the 14-42). But I was looking for a smaller, lighter lens, so I gave the 14-42 one more try and I finally found a copy I was happy with.

Looks like there are good and bad copies of 14-42 too!

These days the 14-42 stays on one camera, and the 14-45 on the other, but I swap them if I take the other camera.
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Originally Posted by Mikefellh View Post
That got me into a lot of trouble.
Hey - you gave it your best shot. Good for you.

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Old Jan 27, 2010, 11:18 AM   #8
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Default Which 14-42?

I'm a bit confused. There are two current 14-42mm lens; one is the kit lens and the other is the collapsible compact. The reviews I've read seem to point to the compact being the better of the two.
Paul G.

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Old Jan 27, 2010, 12:14 PM   #9
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In response to Turbines' question;

In the fourthirds system, Olympus makes the one 14-42mm 'kit' lens.

The collapsible 14-42mm lens you're referring to is designed to be used with the micro fourthirds system.


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Originally Posted by gjtoth View Post
14-42mm or 14-45mm? I've read the 14-45mm is better but value your expertise in things like this.
With any lens, there's always the chance of getting a sub-par unit. I've had two samples of the 14-42 and have always liked the size.

That said, I've never been enamored with the range. A 3x zoom, even one as nice & small as this, seems pretty limiting when most of the time I'm using the 5x 12-60 Zuiko. The times I choose to have a light outfit on hand, and today is one of those days, I leave the 14-42 at home and take the 9-18 and 40-150 Zuikos. I also have the 25mm pancake, just in case, and because it's so light there's no reason not to have it in the bag no matter what else I am carrying.

If you are a live view user, the newer 14-42 is what you want because the older 14-45 does not support all of the AF options in live view and will not be updated to do so. The current 14-42 also received an update to work via a converter on the micro-four-thirds bodies.
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