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Default Ospreys Nest update

I decided to head out this morning and see what was happening at the Osprey's nest In Barnstable Harbor. Hadn't been there in a week so thought it was time.

Wow, what a difference a few days makes in the life of a fledgling. The following are a few images I took of the immature bird. Mom was repeatedly flying around close to the nest and coaxing the young one to fly. While he flapped his wings a lot, he didn't venture out.

Looks like that's gonna happen in the next few days.

All taken with an E-30 Tokina 400mm ATX SD MF lens with an EC-14 Telecon. Wish I could get a little closer to the nest. But, it's on the other side of a creek which makes it near impossible to move in a bit. Also, I'm using a Bogen Manfrotto Tripod as the E-30/ Tokina combo is pretty heavy. Also want to point out, that, despite what I've read, I typically leave IS1 on. I do not see any hint of problems in the image. It's also quite windy typically near the water. So, I just enable IS1 and leave it on.

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......these images show a lot of detail and I agree about the IS setting. I sometime forget about IS being on until I turn the E-3 to off and hear the sputtering.

What is the approx distance, camera to subject, of these Zig? I am amazed at what I see through my 70-300, never tried a TC behind it but would like to one day.

How was fishing? We are WET and COOL here today, I remember catching a whole lot of walleye on days like we've here today.
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Hi Bob,

I'm not the best judge of distances, but I think I'm standing approx. 150ft away fro the nest. I can say that I stand in the same spot because of the limited space, I don't have much of a choice. I actually had a 70-300mm last year and took a few pictures of the Ospreys using it.

Here are some comparison shots using different lenses and combinations: first one is the 50-200mm alone

#2 using a 70-300mm

#3 using the 50-200mm EC-14 combo:

#4 using the tokina 400mm ATX -SD MF lens w/EC-14 telecon:

None of the images above have been cropped. Which should give you a fair idea of the differences between the various lenses used.

If I had to do it all over agaiin, I'd have kept the 70-300mm lens and used it with the EC-14 telecon. At least, I'd be able to use it with the E-30's AF system which is a whole lot better at focusing t han I am manually focusing the Tokina.

As for the fishing, I was unable to go as the fog was as thick as soup. Then the lightning and thunder storms showed up and that was the name of that tune. Hoping to try again tomorrow morning.


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