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Scouse Sep 18, 2008 12:11 PM

....I realized that it was full moon, so set up the tripod ready to go.

Took this one first of the night sky to the west just after sunset. In a couple more days the sun will be setting right out front, I'm hoping for interesting skys then.

Sunset over Whidbey Island. Named after Captain Whidbey, the guy whe found Deception Pass

Then I turned the camera around and set the tripod on the coffee table in the corner of the deck to get the first view of the moon. Not technically a good shot but fun anyway.

I waited until the moon had cleared the tree and took a couple (well a lot..:-)) of shots. Still having trouble with this moon thingy. Got any tips Greg? This was center focus spot. Had the lens hunting around a lot and probably should have tried manual focus.

Then about 5:30 - 6 am the following morning I had to take a trip to the bathroom and I the way back I realized that through my bleary eyes there was this bright light shining. The camera and tripod where still just inside of the french doors so I staggered out onto the deck and shot this last one. Then staggered back and actually fell asleep again to the muttered grunts from Sharon of "whatinthehellhaveyoubeendoing...?"

All with the E500 70-300 lens.

I really feel guilty about ignoring the other lenses......

Greg Chappell Sep 18, 2008 1:37 PM

Looks like a fun evening to me all in all!

You should retry the moon shot through the leaves again, using amanual exposureof something like 1/250 sec at f8 or so @ ISO 100. If it looks underexposed at that setting, change the aperture to f6.3. If it looks overexposed atf8, go to f9 or f10.That'd look reallycool if you exposed the moon to reveal details with the leaves in front of it, or with the moon slightly"peaking out". Using manual exposure you can, and the 1/250 second will be relativelyeasy to handhold. If you need an even faster speed, change to ISO 200 and use 1/500 second, or even ISO 400 and use 1/1000 [email protected] f8 and adjust the aperture as needed, if you need to.

My 70-300 racks back & forth if it's already set to a closer focus distance prior to trying an "infinity"object like the moon, but if you place the edge of the moonwithin the focus box to give it a contrasty object to focus on, it should autofocus fine.

I often have to wind up messing with the white balance afterwards in the RAW converter with a moon shot, but you could probably get it close in camera by viewing it with the live view and adjusting the white balance while observing the color changes on the LCD. Just lock the *right* WB value in, close live view and shoot it regularly.

zig-123 Sep 18, 2008 3:47 PM

Hey, nice shots Ken....

I really like the last shot with the Moon reflecting on the water. I guess that's one of the veryfew advantages of having to get up early for a bathroom break. With a younger bladder, you would have missed that.:-)

Scouse Sep 18, 2008 8:58 PM

Useful information there Greg, many thanks. I'll try some of those setting during the days leading up to the next full moon.

You're right Ziggy, I'm on some medication now that get's me up about every 4 hours. I'll just keep the camera parked by the door just in case something happens when I'm up....!

Picked up a new 4gig CF card at Costco today for 29 bucks. Not bad when you consider that a 1gig card was about 100 bucks when I bought the camera.

Got a vacation in the sun coming up soon so I'm organizing my camera ''stuff' I'll pick up a monopod this week and get some practice with it.

boBBrennan Sep 18, 2008 9:58 PM

.......hey Ken,

Is the CF card the Sandisk II ? I had one in my hand a couple days ago and could not decide if I wanted it or not. I've been using a couple 2GB cards and thought that card was worth buying but bought a couple RibEye steaks instead.

'course the steaks did not last through the weekend, shoulda bought the card. I remember when the datacenter I was responsible to first got to 1+ terrabyte of disk storage, that was a huge step 20 years ago for a mainframe disk drive row and now one can buy HDDs that size for under 200$. I have several 340MB drives out in the garage that I paid more than 300$ for each.

Remember when gasoline cost 20 cents/gallon, not that long ago either for some of us.

Oh ! btw, I like that first picture you posted above and the first moon too. The moon looks like a lot of bats moving by.

Steven R Sep 18, 2008 10:37 PM

Good shots Ken. I too, know the joys of getting up every few hours for a trip to the bathroom. And I have to admit that I would not be awake enough at 5:30am to be able to shoot that last shot. I'm definitely not a morning person, so I really appreciate the fact that you could compose such a good shot at that time of the morning!

On a photographic note: would you guys stop posting all those photos made with the 70-300mm. It makes the rest of usfeel bad. I came upon a young hawk eating a lizard in a pine tree while I was walking the golf course the other evening. Got some shots, but I really could have usedthat lens!

Steve R.

Greg Chappell Sep 19, 2008 12:01 AM

Scouse wrote:

Useful information there Greg, many thanks. I'll try some of those setting during the days leading up to the next full moon.

I think I might give it a try tomorrow night myself. I can see after thinking about it, in order to both get a detailed moon AND the leaves, it's going to require two exposures....and a own personal 4 letter word, even if it really is five.

zig-123 Sep 19, 2008 6:49 AM

Scouse wrote:

You're right Ziggy, I'm on some medication now that get's me up about every 4 hours. I'll just keep the camera parked by the door just in case something happens when I'm up....!

My apologies to you Ken for making light of a health issue. Hope the medication is a short term situation.


Scouse Sep 19, 2008 1:47 PM

Ziggy....Silly boy. It was taken in the spirit intended. If we can't smile at what life tosses at us (Or at least grin and bare it..:-)) then it's a sad life. Humour is a big part of our lives and I love it!

It's been cloudy these past few nights after a long clear couple of months Greg. If you do get some good results I'd like to see them, with the info. Even old f**s like to learn something new.

Yes Bob, that is the ScanDisc II. I'm putting some tog stuff together for a trip to Mexico. Plan on some nature and wildlife. I also want to try the 70-300 on some surfing shots. I love looking at cool surfing photos with pefect waves and water colours that defy reality when you live up north.

Funny Steve but what ever gave you the impression that I was awake or aware....:-)

Greg Chappell Sep 20, 2008 1:39 AM

Well...I decided todo something different.

In order to get good detail in both the leaves and the moon, it requires a separate exposure of each, so I took an image of the moon and then made an exposure of the trees where it had passed through earlier. I made both exposures at the same zoom setting on the 70-300so the moon wouldn't look unusually large or small. I then copied and pasted the moon image over the image of the tree, used the magic eraser to remove all of the sky around the moon, moved it into position with the move tool and did some tweeking of the moons' opacity to try andblend the two layers as naturally as I could.

To putpart of the moonbehind some of the leaves and branches would have required a level of painting over the moon layer I was not prepared to undertake tonight!

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