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Impressive.......yep, that's what it is!

Both with your ability with the camera and software.
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P.S. to Ken: what part of Mexico are you planning to visit?
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Nice Idea greg and excellent execution. Not having the moon under leaves or branches isn't a problem. Most people would try and catch the moon in the open area.

I like it!

Yes Steve we're off the Puerto Escondido Nov 4 for a couple of weeks. We're going to take a look at it with the idea of maybe spending 6 months of the year here.....and no, it won't be in our summer. Like I said there are some nice lagoons there for wildlife shots. and I try the action on the boards. Not me...or why not, I knew the right side up on a board (9'-6") about 45 years ago......:?

Why PE? No golf courses, no major chain hotels, no big condos.

Oh and we fell into a free deal on a 2 week timeshare in Cabo, just provide our own airfare, darn!
We leave for there 3 days after we get back from PE.....Ariiiiiiba!!

Here: http://www.cabovillas.com/GIF/Proper...el_Solmar2.jpg

Well you had to ask....:-)

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I reallyneed a new computer before I buy any more lenses,DSLR's or digicams...my machine turned 5 years old in August and my aim is to get an iMac. The next thing I need....and I've wanted one for a while now, is a Wacom tablet so I can use a "real" pen, which would make intricate painting in Photoshop much easier, and keep the repetitive motions of the mouse down in number.
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New computer? Well there's a thing, while I was looking at the ScanDisc card in Costco the other day I took a good look at computers. Mine must be older than 5 but it's compounded by only having "Dial Up" at home so a good laptop/notebook is probably on the cards fairly soon. Lots of places I can go for WiFi. I haven't felt iMac yet, even though my buddy runs his advertizing business on them. I know the pros and cons, just never 'got it'

The tablet sounds like a cool idea. My daughter teaches school in China and they use a large version of the tabletin place of theblackboard or dry board. She can capture what she wants and dump the rest. Her class computers are networked of course, so she can lay her lesson out for the kids to do at their desk. Some of their school work is far more advanced that here.

She got her love of cameras from my cast offs but she has a far better eye and intuition for the moment, the composition comes naturally. She uses a good 'point and shoot' so she's not sidetracked from the scene, the capture, by the tech aspect !!!
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