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tkurkowski Jan 23, 2012 2:46 PM

Post Processing on a budget
A company named Cyberlink has been producing a video editing app called PowerDirector, that has an excellent reputation as a consumer-level editor (i.e. it's not the Final Cut Pro all professionals use but it doesn't cost your first born either). I've been using it for years and like it.

I mention this because they've released PhotoDirector 2011 that appears to be a fairly powerful photo post-processing application. And it's on sale for US$70.

I haven't used it but looking at the User's Guide - download it here:

it appears to have an understandable interface and includes what I like about ACR except it's missing a Vibrance slider. Still, that it's not an Adobe product means it's worth some consideration. :)

You can see a review of it here:,2817,2388721,00.asp

If that PCMag link doesn't work, go to the top and do a search on PhotoDirector 2011 to find that review.


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