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Default Posting pics - how to

More specifically, what should I do to the pics before posting them? Resize them to AxB resolution (aka 50% ratio from a Full/fine combo)? Crop them @ 100%?

I've been playing with the 70-300mm on my E620 and wanted to show some of the shots.
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To post a photo here, I'd suggest downsizing it using something like the free Irfanview. After opening an image with it (File>Open), look under Image>Resize/Resample. I'd make the longest side around 640 to 800 pixels (and no more than 1024, if you *really* need to show one that large for special purposes), leaving the retain aspect ratio box checked. I normally select the Lanczos algorithm for resizing. Then, when you save the image after resizing (File>Save As), select jpeg as the file type and set the JPEG Quality slider you'll see pop up to around 80%. That will probably get the file size within limits as long as the image is downsized to smaller dimensions first. Make sure to leave the retain EXIF box checked if you want members to see the metadata for camera settings used.

Then, use the attachment button you'll see when making a post here, which lets you upload an image and attach it to a forum post (use the button in the editor tool bar that looks like or , depending on the forum theme you using).
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