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personaly i would go with photozone.de
where as i recall it, they say it gets soft on long tele

the conundrum i see is this
while its possible to get a quality 4/3 lens for your needs
we dont have a complete system in the 3 grades of glass
those are the holes to which i refered

for market entry types, and while watching forum entries of the C&N brigade
they always seem to go for longer lenses, and settle for sigmas when they shudder at the price. They seem happier shoting ducks from 2 miles away. That was why i focussed on something in the order of 20-135

but perhaps there are better strategies
perhaps a camera should be marketed either body only, or a choice of lens
The L1 is a case in point, where in reality it isnt much larger than LC-1, but people seem to scoff at its bulk. Assuming the OIS lens is mostly the reason why, then why not offer comparable value lenses or different price points and advertise it with the various lens options via imagery. Isnt that the point of a system?

I wouldnt be interested in another kit lens, and would much prefer body only. Failing to recognise more appealing customer options might make the logistics chain less complicated but it wont add to the sales balance. If I can get an obscure wide angle video lens from some cat in Verona Italy delivered to my door in 3 days, or a camera from west coast USA, I dont see what the problem would be.


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Rriley wrote:

I wouldnt be interested in another kit lens, and would much prefer body only.

AAAAAAmen, times ten. Eventaking into considerationthe higher spec (and much bigger physicallythan my 14-54 Zuiko)Leica lens, I may well have chosen the L1 over the E330 had I had an option of buying the body only. The body had appeal without the lens.

Whatever Olympus introduces on the 5th, all bodies better come with the option of buying them "body only".
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Usually at first the option comes only as a combo...the body only versions come later on.
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Before I bought my E500 I had the C8080. This was a brilliant camera with a stunning 28 - 140mm equivalent lens. If Olympus brought out a version of this (at f2.4 like the 8080) that would be brilliant. The lens served me very well on a holiday in Canada in 2005 - I never really needed anthing else.

Was this a superb lens or was this a superb lens????
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