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I was invited to a car show today. I love cars and I love photographing mechanical things. The 50mm F2 would have been my first choice but I knew I'd need a wide angle at an indoor even soI was "forced" to take only my 14-45mm kit lens.

Arriving at the convention center, I was horrified to discover that most of the lights were turned off. Apparently the tuner guys want to simulate a summer night.

Terrific. I have a slow kit lens with no external flash and no monopod. And people rag on the lens about not being sharp.

It almost seemed like it should be waste of time. But it doesn't cost anything to try so I walked around snapping pictures in the near dark. I got home and looked at the pictures on my computer. Hmmm...they looked good. Some looked real good.

I took this picture of a Mazda which I converted to B&W for the simple reason that I needed to use more black ink on my printer to even out the cartridges. I wanted to print it out as an 8x10.

Theoretically, this picture SHOULD be AWFUL. Hand held at 1/30 second (ISO 320) with only the camera's pop-up flash. The lens is at 14 mm and F-3.5. Yes...WIDE OPEN...so it should be quite soft and have minimal depth of field. This is the full frame with no cropping. I did print it out at 8X10 and I think it looks terrific. Last week, A guy on another forum called the 14-45mm "trash" and suggested people "throw it out". Well, don't believe everything you read.

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Looks good to me
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The 14-45 got a decent review at photozone.com as well...even when compared to the 14-54. The curves on the car pictured soften any barrell distortion at 14mm, a lot of straight lines may have shown a different story, but the lens worked well for the situation.I've handled the 14-45 (own a a 14-54, though) and have to admit it's one of the better quality kit lenses, having also handled the Nikon (on a D50) and Canon (on a Digital Rebel) rivals. For the price it's a strong performer.

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Frankly I can't stand the kit lens. I've tried two as I thought the first had defects. It's great for smaller work but it lacks the shadow defition, and that famous "olympus colour" not to mention the soft edges it creates. Put it against the Olympus 14-54mm and it gets blown out of the water. The E-series cameras I love. That lens I h-a-t-e.
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