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Default Problem with Live Veiw zoom focusing

I recently upgraded my trusty e500 to the new e620 body. I have been, by and large, delighted with the new camera, but am having trouble with one feature.

I am having a problem with the metering of the Live View preview when enlarging the display.

I am trying to take photos of the moon with my 150mm lens. The moon appears as a very small, bright circle on a black background. To get a clear focus, I am trying to use the live view enlarged display option. The image appears normal when in standard view, but washes out as though overexposed when I enlarge the display--glowing brightly and showing no detail that I could focus on. When I shoot the picture, the metering is agian normal. I am generally shooting 200 ISO, Shutter speed 1/160, f 8. Stopping down the lens, reducing the ISO, or decreasing the shutter speed seem to have no effect on this washing--which again, only happens when I enlarge the live view display.

I have turned the live view boost off, so I know that isn't the problem. Any ideas? It's quite frustrating. I am working around this by taking dozens of shots incremental focus steps and deleting the ones that are out of focus--hardly a preferred solution. I welcome any input.
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Did you change to tight spot metering on the moon itself? The dark sky will cause overexposure if the meter is trying to average out the whole scene. Many people forget just how bright the moonlight is because you are taking in so much dark sky at the same time. Also, as far as the live view, did you select the boost option for the live view? That will increase the brightness of the the viewfinder.
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The moon is very bright by itself and requires almost a "sunny 16" rule exposure to record it accurately. Manually setting the exposure is much more accurate with a subject like this.

I use an exposure of 1/ISO setting at f11, so if I am using ISO 100, the exposure would be 1/125 second at f11, or any similar exposure, such as 1/250 sec at f8 or 1/500 at f5.6. Check the results and open the lens up if you want a brighter look, or just the opposite if you want a darker look.

Just a couple of days ago I used this method with my E620 and the 50-200/EC20 combination. Wanting to handhold the camera I used an ISO setting of 400, meaning the exposure would be either 1/500 at f11, 1/1000 at f8 or the exposure I used, which was 1/1600 second at f7.1.

I deleted the resulting surrounding darkness to come up with this final image, which is very close to, but not quite a 100% crop..

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If you would like to read one of the most detailed tutorials on how to shoot the Moon, here is a link to an article written by Andrzej Wrotniak;


It's well worth reading.
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