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Even though I consider myself a pixel peeper, I cannot tell the difference in images taken with my Hoya HMC protective filters and without, except when shooting into the sun or a direct source of light when flare may occur. In this case I simply remove the filter. Therefore, I keep one on for protection of my $$$$ lenses. Hoya HMC seems to be a highly rated filter that is reasonably priced (even for a 77mm). Most of all, I sleep better at night with a protective filter on my lenses.
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Default Lenstip also did a test of Circular Polarizer Filters

For those folks who are interested:


Interestingly, Hoya C-PL filters didn't do as well as they did in the UV filter tests.

Also note that both the Lenstip UV filter and the C-PL filter tests have suppemental updates on the site.


PS: I thought these guys are engineers. They're not, they're physicists - only a physicist would quote Maxwell's equations when discussing polarization of light. These boys warm my heart - Polish physicists rock!
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Interesting thread.
In my case, 95% of all my photography is outdoors. And I know that I have often had to clean my filters; that means dirt, etc, that I did not have to clean off of the front elements of my lens. I only take the filter off when shooting into the sun for Florida Sunset shots.

Several years ago I had a camera drop to the asphalt surface of a parking lot, and it hit lens first. Broke the filter, but no damage to the lens or camera.

Steven R.
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