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The other day, after a long period of non-use, I got the urge to pull out and start using my E1 again after seeing a post over on DPReview about all the reasons why people still use the E1.

I've gotten used to the big, high resolutionLCD's and 8-10 megapixel RAW files and resulting JPEG's, so doing a few test RAW files and winding up with 2-4 MP JPEG's was a little weird, but the first time I brought the camera up to my eye....wow, that finder WAS/IS really nice!

I'm going to Lubbock this weekend to shoot an Air Force ROTC eveningevent for my daughter and I think I'm going to use the E1 and 12-60 Zuiko, bringing along the E510....just in case, but I know nothings' going to happen to the E1 unless I throw it in the street and a vehicle runs over it...this darn thing is a freakin' brick, especially with the accessory grip fitted. I also forgot how nice a vertical grip felt.

Fortunately, I have two of those big batteries for the grip. It'll be interesting to see how long they hold a charge and how many shots I get. Hopefully one lasts for the evening.I'm taking a couple ofnewer, chargedBLM-1's just in case.

As slow as it is, even with no image stabilizationyou can even get sharp images with the E1 and the 70-300 f4-5.6 Zuiko. This is a 100% crop of a file I shot this evening..

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Hi Greg,

The E-1 certainly has quite a number of people who continue to prize it for it's features, color output and build quality-not to mention OPV. If it only had IS, I'd probably own one right now.

Have fun in Lubbock and I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your shots with the E-1 when you get back.

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Hi Greg

I did the same thing this week with my E1 and you forget how good that cam is, esp when in your hand. The ergonomics are pretty close to perfect and that built like a tank quality is just top notch. What i don;t understand is why Oly never used the E1's OVF in the 5XX series.. it would have made a very good camera even better.

I;ve not had a chance to take any snaps with it yet but I will do as soon as I get a chance.



:? :O

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One of the other things I've noted in bodies since the E1...at least, regarding the E300, E330 and E510's I've used compared to the E1, is the performance of the TTL flash system in terms of how it is implemented.

When I shoot with the E1 in TTL mode with my FL50 flash, I NEVER, EVER have a subject with closed eyes. With the more recent bodies, something is different with the pre-flash system as I get quite a few instances of subjects with closed eyes. The last wedding I did, the bride was closing her eyes so many times when I was using the E510 I wound up switching to the non-TTL auto mode, which has no need of a pre-flash, and never had another closed eye the balance of the evening.
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