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Hi all,

I had the good fortune to be able to buy a preowned 14-54mm lens recently and got it today. I say preowned as opposed to used because it looks like its brand new.

I immediately put it on my E-510, took it outside , and started taking a few photos. When I downloaded the photos files to my pc, I noticed on a couple of photos thatI took of my house, the higlights were quite a bit better than what I've been used to with the kit 14-45mm lens.

My question is: Is dynamic range solely a function of the sensor in thecamera? or does the quality ofa lens contribute toany improvement indr?

The photos in question follow. What prompted the question is that I was standing under a tree, which created a lot of filtered light, meanwhile my house is in the open with the Sun bearing down. In each case I focused on the house. Normally, when I've used a 14-45mm lens(kit lens), I would get a high degree of highlight clipping. In this case, I think my results are quite a bit better.

On another note, this is really my first experience with a high grade Oly lens and I am just totally amazed at how much of a difference there is in construction and performance. This is the quietest lens that I have ever used. I had the focus set to auto focus S-AF and there were times that I thought the lens was broken or the camera was off because I just didn't hear anything. My kit lens all make a fair amount of noise when focusing. The 14-54mm is just about dead silent

thanks for your insight


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The lens could help as far as definition goes, but I'm not sure how much it will help with dynamic range. Possibly you're just metering better now than you did prior. Maybe the clouds in the sky are filtering the light more than the other time you're thinking about, opening up the shadows more and preventing the highlights from going over the edge.

The two higher-grades of lenses Olympus makesare definitely on another level in almost every way you can imagine. I think you'll find that to be a very nice lens to use...great range and good speed.
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Old Aug 29, 2008, 11:27 PM   #3
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............hi Zig,

I do not have an offering to your question regarding DR, but what I can say is that I believe you are going to really enjoy the 14-54, congratulations.

I leave mine on one of the cameras at all times and use it a lot. I just used it with my E-300 yesterday to make some photos of my granddaughter's new place.

Your house is a good model too, and I suppose it is what is called a Cape Cod, I like it very much.
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Old Aug 30, 2008, 12:35 PM   #4
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Hi Guys,

Yes, Bob, that's a Cape you're looking at. Pretty much all you see down here.

There is 1 split level in my neighborhood and it's been on the market now for around 2yrs +. That sort of says it all as to what peoples expectations are around here.

As for the lens, I am thrilled with it. this is going to stay on the E-510 as my everyday lens.The 70-300mm is the other lens that will always be in my kit bag. i've already sold my 40-150mm yesterday and have an ad in with Craig's List for my 14 -45mm lens. I always liked the IQ of the 14-45, that is, until I tried this 14-54- what a difference.

You mentioned your grandaughter, I 'm going next Wednesday to a Boston Red Sox Game at Fenway Park with my grandson Timmy, who is 6. As a birthday present to me,my daughtergot 4tickets for a day game. so that My wife and I could go along with myher and her husband. Somehow, Timmy overheard that she got tickets to a game and was taking me and immediately assumed that he was going as well.

So now, my wife is staying home and I'm going with Tim, his mom and dad. This should be a hoot as it's his first major league ball game.

By the way, I'm planning on taking the E-510 and 70-300mm with me. Game time is 1pm. Should be plenty of light for some interesting shots.

As for this Dynamic Range business. I'm going to spend the next few days/weeks concentrating on educating myself on the subject. That, and develop a better understanding of how to overcome/deal with this important issue.

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Hi Zig, although theoretically DR is a function of the camera, my experience has been that the lens plays a big role in the camera's ability to control highlights. When I had the E510, I noticed the same exact thing you did after I switched from the 14-42mm kit lens to the 14-54mm. The same phenomenon occurred when I switch the Sony A300 kit lens to the Tamron 28-300mm. So, I think someimprovement in DRhas to dowith the coating of the lens as well as itsglass and build. Let's not forget that in the end, light goes through the lens first before it reaches the sensor.
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