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Default From Racing to Closeups in Nature

Friday night racing to Saturday at the Heard Nature Center, it's been a nice weekend so far..

A little wet Friday night though..

Same E30 and 50-200 SWD from Friday night, but adding the EX25 for most of these, shot at the Heard Nature Center..

From casting a shadow..

Now, he's just showing off!

On another note, I'll be going soon....possibly tomorrow, to check out a neat-looking place right under my nose that I have not yet checked out..

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Greg, as usual terrific images, I like the second the best, out of the horses, because of, the tongue hanging out of the mouth, the recessed eye sockets, the braided mane, and the placement of the yellow vents on the goggles over the jockey's eyes gives me a Headless Horseman type feel to it. I know it, probably sounds far fetched but that was what struck me the first time I viewed it.

Out of the nature center images, I like the snails the best. interesting take on a different than usual subject.


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I liked the snail. Makes you wonder how long it took him to crawl all the way up to the leaf.
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Hi Greg,

Your graphic racing images of horses with their jockeys, racing in the rain prompt me to think of, unlike Calvin Borel, these jockeys toil every day to eke out a living under pretty hazardous conditions with little notoriety and fanfare.

Your images give me greater appreciation for how difficult horse racing actually is.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Hi Zig.

These jockeys really do put in tons of work. I'm not sure what they earn, but each week when I go I buy a program and one of the things I check in the jockey standings, which shows the number of races and how many times each have been in the money. Most of these guys will race 5-6 times or more a day out of a 9-10 race card...over 300 races in some cases over the past 4 months, and you know they're there all week working the horses out.

Next weekend is the last live thoroughbred racing weekend of the season here until next April, so they will all be going wherever racing is still happening to keep making a living.

There was one thing I did not try Friday that I meant to. After race 5 there was a substantial delay before race 6 due to an electrical problem that prevented people from being able to place wagers....the one thing that WILL stop racing! The ambient light levels were still decent for race 5, but by the time race 6 went off the sun had gone completely down and track lights, while good, were still not bright enough to give me a fast enough shutter speed at even ISO 3200 to do a decent job of freezing the action and horses, unlike race cars, do not move smoothly while in motion so panning at lower shutter speeds does not really give a very good result. I SHOULD ave tried a push-process method of underexposing by one stop, then pushing up one stop processing the RAW files to mimic ISO 6400 and see how the resulting images would look out of ACR using the improved noise sliders, but I didn't think to and wound up trashing the race 6 images because they simply were not very good due to the too dark conditions and subject movement.

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