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HarjTT Mar 22, 2008 10:04 AM

Hi Guys and Gals

A month ago I posted a question regards RAW convertors for the E3 and which was the best one to use - Lightroom, CS3 ACR 4, Lightzone, etc and in between then and now I've read several threads over at dp stating that for the E3 files the Oly Studio/Master apps produced the best files, esp in terms of showing detail. Now I've tried the Oly software a couple of times but I can;t bring myself to use something that poorly designed whether on OSX or WinXP - you'd think Oly would put some effort into producing something that was at least half decent. I've been using ACR4.3 and now 4.4 for working on my E3 raw files and so far I've been happy with them, even with the detail (the 35-100F2 files are shocking at times - like looking through a microscope) but I'd like to hear what the others here are using (including those shooting with the E410/e510s). I'm wondering if one of the other RAW apps can produce better files or not and if anyone tried out Capture One or Silkypix and compared the results with LR or ACR ?



JimC Mar 22, 2008 10:34 AM

I'd make sure to try the latest version of Raw Therapee, too.

JimC Mar 22, 2008 10:38 AM


You can see some of it's features on this page:

Raw Therapee v2.3 Main Features

I also suggest clicking on the link for Image Comparisons. It's setup so you can easily compare different image types converted with popular raw converters, versus the algorithm choices available in Raw Therapee. I like EAHD the best for most images so far.

HarjTT Mar 22, 2008 10:43 AM

Hi Jim

Thanks for the links, I'm going to have a look and see what its like. Damn , theres no mac version of RT - I'll have to try it on my windows/ubuntu machine at work,



:G :O

JimC Mar 22, 2008 10:59 AM

Sorry, no Mac version. I've got it running under both Win XP and Linux.

BTW, if you have any odd artifacts, this page may explain why (you might need to use VNG 4 with images from some Olympus models from the sound of it):

Raw Therapee FAQ about Maze Artifacts with Olympus/Panasonic dSLR models

JimC Mar 22, 2008 11:29 AM

HarjTT wrote:
Quote: mac version of RT...
Is it an Intel Mac? Go dual boot with SimplyMEPIS 7.0 (based on Debian Stable now). ;-) It's got loads of stuff preinstalled (Firefox with Flash Player 9, Open Office, digiKam, Amarok, etc.).

Mepis Installation Instructions for Mac Intel Computers

Of course, it runs so well, you may not want to log out. My wife's Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop is setup in a dual boot with Vista and SimplyMEPIS 7.0, and she rarely exits SimplyMEPIS. Note the up time on this recent screen capture (1139 hours).

Click for larger version:

Download links (and I'd go 32 bit for best codecs compatibility, etc.). If you enable the Debian multimedia repository (already in sources, so you can check a box to enable it in Synaptic), you'll find w32codecs in the repositories. Ditto for msttcorefonts if you want them. mplayer and mplayer browser plugins are already installed (as is Flash Player 9 and more).

boBBrennan Mar 22, 2008 12:05 PM

..........hi Harj

I believe you should give Bibble Pro the 14 day trial. If you need more time Bibble will likely add, it is mentioned in their forums. Speaking of forums, Bibble Labs does thier own and the response by their people is pretty much astonishing.

The software is by far the best I've used as is support responses to questions such as I had relative to batch processing....

See my thread at Bibble

Bibble Pro is available for Mac, MSFT and Linux with CS3 and other compatibility, I use it stand alone.

I do occasionally use RAW Therapee, it is good but I do like Bibble much better particularly the batch speed.

JimC Mar 22, 2008 12:42 PM

Bibble's pretty good. I installed it on my wife's new Dell Laptop not long ago when I needed to process a lot of images and my PC was tied up. Sorry, it's not included with SimplyMEPIS (but, everything else on this graphics menu is preinstalled):

Click on thumbnail for larger version:

I'm impressed with the feature set of Bibble, and the workflow is good. The only "niggle" I've found with it is that it will eat up all of your resources (at least with Linux) if you point it at a folder containing a lot of raw files (for example, I had one with over 800 raw files and matching jpeg images in a single folder on my wife's laptop I was trying Bibble with).

It ate up all of the Phyical RAM (1GB) + all of the Virtual memory (2GB Linux swap partition) trying to use it with a folder that large as it built the thumbnails. It's a core 2 duo based Dell with 1GB of RAM (plenty for most anything using SimplyMEPIS as you can see from ram used by the OS, in the KSensors screen capture in my previous post to this thread). I'll try a larger swap partition trying Bibble again with a folder that large when I get a chance.

boBBrennan Mar 22, 2008 12:59 PM

..................the largest folder I have used with Bibble has been about 200 files from the E-3 at about 9-10 MB each. This is a Vista Prem machine with 3gb ram and a dual 6200+ AMD processor with 128MB NVIDIA graphics to a HP w2207 monitor.

Bibble barely runs on the old MSFT XP machine, but Therapee did quite well on it at 700MB ram and a 720mhz processor..

With horspower Bibble gets along well, but I can see where a large, large folder such as you mention might be a gray/problem situation.

Thanks for the headsup Jim.

JimC Mar 22, 2008 1:53 PM

pgmCoder wrote:

Bibble barely runs on the old MSFT XP machine, but Therapee did quite well on it at 700MB ram and a 720mhz processor..
You should see my wife's old laptop.

It's a Sager (I'd hever heard of them either) laptop with a 300mhz Pentium Mobile Processor I bought used on Ebay for a "buy it now" price of only $112 a few years back. It's got 256MB of RAM in it now (I upgraded it). BTW, the original battery will *still* hold a charge for a few hours.

Here's a recent screen capture of it running. Note this laptop's up time (over 2500 hours), and it's running a older 6.04 Beta 4 version of SimplyMEPIS that uses the Ubuntu 6.06LTS repositories with a lot of upgrades that Warren (the developer of SimplyMEPIS) installed. It's got newer versions of Firefox, Flash Player 9 and more compared to the older version I had it on originally. lol

Click thumbnail for larger version:

6.04 Beta 4 is somewhat of an "oddball" Mepis beta, since Warren changed the entire numbering scheme right after this beta, and before another Final release (the 6.5 stuff), after upgrading a lot of stuff to support the newer Compiz/Beryl 3D desktop projects in Mepis 6.5. But, SimplyMEPIS 6.04 Beta 4 is super for an old laptop like this, with most upgrades someone needs for browsing, etc. Note the uptime is over 2500 hours running this beta on my wife's older laptop.

As you can see from the processor and ram she has with the old one in this screen capture, you can imagine why she's thrilled with SimplyMEPIS 7.0 on a new core 2 duo based laptop with 1GB of RAM (especially considering how sluggish Windows Vista is on her new laptop). lol

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