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Default Red, White and Boom: QCA July 4th Weekend

The metropolitan area known as the Quad-Cities Area encompasses several cities on both sides of the Mississippi River at the site of the 1st rail bridge across the Mississippi and so has numerous fireworks displays on the weekend of July 4th. The fireworks here are launched from a barge on the river between Davenport, IA and Rock Island, IL.

I've been trying to re-shoot some familiar subjects with my e620 as a method of learning the new camera. While I haven't actually shot the Red, White and boom display I had to go for it as it looked like I'd have a schedule conflict with the display I usually photograph. It was a very nice evening to be down on the river.

1) Opening slavo.
2) Fairly strong right to left breeze (south to north).
3) I just liled this one.
4) Wife liked this one.
5) Final salvo

A. C.
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Excellent capture. I vote for #3
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Hi A.C.,

I prefer the 1st and last because the bridge gives the shot a sense of perspective.

But that's me.

I too, took my camera out on the 4th to try and take some fireworks images.
I live near the shore and on the 4th, fireworks can be seen from the beach from communities stretching about 15mile on either side. It is truly a site to behold. I tried to capture the scene with a number of pano shots. But, I failed miserably.

You did a great job.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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A.C., nice shots I agree with Zig, like the bridge pics the best gives a sense of place.

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Thanks for your comments. I tried to include the bridge and shoreline lights because that identifies the location of the display and they are more photogenic than than the tree silhouettes that appear at the other display I photograph. The other display has its own benifits however as they create almost the full catalog of shapes produceable with aerial fireworks such as hearts, circles, and smiley faces.

Wow, never thought about a pano. Seems like it would be real difficult for auto-stitching software but might be doable manually. How would I know because I never even thought about that!

A. C.
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Nice-looking fireworks images, A.C.. These days I take advantage of fireworks shows in another way. I like to go to sporting events like baseball games and, last weekend, the horse races where fireworks are going to be shot off afterwards so I can get out before they start and no one else is leaving! Make for an easy, clean getaway...

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I like #4.
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As far as fireworks go, I like #3 best.

But I'm very fond of the shots that include the rail bridge. The reason is, many years ago I was a keynote speaker at a conference in St. Louis and had to give the audience a presentation with news they really, really didn't want to hear.

After that they had arranged an evening on a sternwheeler and I was invited, but only sorta. Because I'm an ex Navy officer and a long-time sailer I was able to escape the attendees by spending the evening in the pilot house with the sternwheeler's captain, who enjoyed the professional conversation. It was a wonderful evening I'll never forget - that great captain and that really pretty bridge are ingrained in my memory.

I had forgotten that night until you posted these photos. Thanks!


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Ted, thanks for sharing your memories. The Centennel Bridge is an auto-pedestrian bridge but no more than a mile both up and down river there are railway bridges, both with swinging spans.

Greg, thanks for expanding my knowledge of firework. Just knew there was something I was missing!

A. C.
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