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Default Resetting your Oly ...

Hi Guys

I've had my E-3 coming on 3 years and over that time, I've noticed that the IQ recently seemed to have dropped even with the SHG 35-100F2 and I had that constant hair over the sensor problem. Yesterday someone at the DPR oly forum posted having the hair on the sensor issue as me, and Olyflyer advised that setting the cam to clean the sensor might help shift the hair and then allow the OP to remove it out of the camera body. So yesterday I followed Olyflyers advise and that seems to have cleared the problem - I did a studio shoot today and not one single pic had that "hair" outline/smudge on them!

As, Id cleansed the sensor, I also decided on doing a full reset on the E3 to see whether that would help return some of that missing IQ\detail\sharpness that I'd been noticing in the files from the E3 over the last 12 months or so. First impressions - The pics from today shoot look exactly how they used to - biting sharp, with lots of detail across the image (at times that F2's like using a macro lens). Also from first look at the pics, I've yet to see any OOF shots but the only way to find out is to check each one individually. So from the looks of it I;ve saved myself having to send the E3 + lenses to Oly Uk for servicing! If you've noticed a drop in IQ .. may be worthwhile doing a hard reset on the cam...

I'll be posting some sample images later from today's shoot.




Looks like I was over optimsitic about that hair.. its still there but not as clearly visible as before.

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hi Harj,

Glad you got some of the E-3 worked out, I have dust, an ugly looking (tiny something) that I see through the VF but those are never in the files so I put up with it after many times trying to get it off or moved around.... too many on the field baseball games the past 3-years I suppose.

The LCD is coming apart also, I should get mine in to Oly for a fixup.

I've done a RESET a couple times but those were when I fiddled with it so much early on that the RESET was a best way to start over....

Glad your images are back to standards, of course except for the hair, anxious to see your photos posted.
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Hi Harj,

Don't know if I'm dreaming, wishfully thinking, or if, in fact, there is improvement in the performance of my E-30. But, after reading your post last night, I thought it was time to perform a reset on the E-30. After, performing a reset and the subsequent reinstatement of custom settings, I swear that the S-AF works faster, seems to focus on the target without stuttering, and is generally more responsive.

Maybe its like defragging a PC- I don't know, but thanks for the suggestion.


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I was going to ask WHICH reset you used, the one triggered by the +/- & ISO combo, or the one under the Custom Reset menu in Shooting Menu 1...but after a flip through the manual before asking I found out that the hardware button combo is actually a shortcut to the Custom Reset menu.

If you HOLD down the two buttons the screen shows three options, Reset, Reset1 and Reset2...the 1 & 2 options are the items in the Custom Reset 1 & 2. [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]Now personally i have these items programmed with my most used shooting (namely monochrome and vivid).

If I had to guess though what option you had set that was causing issues with focus and wasn't any longer when you did a Reset, it would have to be SetupA "AF Sensitivity"...if you had this set to "Small" instead of "Norm", it reduces the size of the AF areas and makes it tougher to get a focus lock as it's looking for detail in a much smaller area. It does work if you remember that you changed that setting to small.

The other thing is what focus point(s)/target mode you had selected as this is also reset.

Personally I've noticed no improvement after doing a reset, nor a reduction in performance when going back to my custom presets.
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hi Harj, umm thats really pretty weird
but whatever makes it rock I guess...
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