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Default The Royal Wedding thread ...pics quiet a few

Ok not exactly pics of the royal wedding as I stayed at hoem rather than be crushed by the million or so people that showed up and most probably saw very little.

However, I went to Buckihgam Palace and St james park etc on Saturday to see what was still going on.. :

1. Adrimalty Arch

2. Flowers...

3. The Happy Couple - Prince William and Kate

4. Waiting outside the Palace

5. That Lovey dovey feeling

6. Horse Guards:

7: Photographers everywhere - so many cameras hich was great!

8. The fashion photographer in me:

9. The rarely seen but highly dangerous tiger squirrel

10. Going home:

11. Destitue in London

I've put up a gallery and you can see the rest of the pics here .. its not in any order yet:





Apologies for the double post, the forums been super slow and the first attempt had taken 30mins and still hadn;t been submitted so I went ahead and cancelled but obviously that doesn't work.

I started reading the Digital Photography Master class by Tom Ang again and that really did give me soem inspiration and by the end of the day I was seeing pics everywhere and that hadn;t been the case for some time.

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Nice series, Harj. I really enjoyed the commentary. Almost did a spit-take on the tiger squirrel!
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Thanks Harj: excellent eye for capturing the human element in an event.
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I'm afraid that's how I would have handled "being there", too. Nice shots, Harj.
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Thanks for the pics, Harj! I was just kidding about you trying to actually be in the maddening crowd the day of the wedding.


PS: The squirrel is hilarious.
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For years my father had an office bang in the centre of Admiralty Arch. It would have been a great place to view (part of) the proceedings.
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Hey Guys

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad I did go on Saturday as I was in two minds as to make the effort or not esp as I;d just ignored the big day.

There was lots of people still showing up throughout the day and hanging around the park and the palace. I bumped into an ex lecturer on Photography and his wife from Texas, who were both doing excactly what I was - taking candid snaps of other photographers and anything else that would catch your eye. Interesting that for travelling he liked to shoot with a Pana FZ35 - small and light and in good light able to print to a pretty decent size without any IQ issues.

Pete.... if you still had that office, it would have been one heck of a view and vantage point to have altough I could see you'd have to camp out the night before to avoid the rush!

Regards the most dangerous of Tiger squirrels.. the pigeons and every one esle was keeping well away after it got its mitts on a peanut... totally fluke shot with the shadows forming the stripes


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........very well done , thanks
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Great series Harj. I'm "almost" jealous!

1/ Flags, they're actually Royal navy flags.

For those who don't know the British Union Jack.
The red 'square' cross is for St George of Merrie England.
The red diagonal cross is St Patricks of Ireland. Both on white backgrounds.
The white diagonal cross on a blue background is for St Andrew of Scotland.
All together we have the Union Jack.
There will be a test.

2/ Definitely flowers.
3/ Yep, Will, Cate and friend on their way to the honeymoon.
4/ He's waiting but someone ought to tell him he missed it.
5/ I like the hand in the bum pocket.
6/ I'll close my eyes and count until ten....then I'll stick the little.....
7/ Welsh Guardsman. The collar symbal is the Leek. Welsh national veggie.
and the buttons in groups of 5.
8/ Cameras with the pattented under the arm shot.
9/ Oh yes, fashion????!
10/ I've been attacked by tiger squirels before!
11/ Fortnam and Mason bag, he'll eat well tonight.
12/ Sad Social Commentary there. You have to wonder his story.

Nicely done, better story telling than the tabloids.

PS. So many people, even Brits hang the flag the wrong way up. The wider white diagonal stripe is uppermost at the pole.
"You are who you pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.

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Great pictures HarjTT,

My favorites are # 7 and 9.
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