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destiny06 Aug 4, 2006 10:58 AM

hi guys,
ive just bought myself an E-500 recently, it was second-hand but it was in great condition.
im having a little trouble getting the sequential shooting to work. i switch it to sequential shooting mode via the menu's, and i made sure that 'Noise Reduction' was turned off. I've looked through the manual that I downloaded from the official Olympus site, and it doesn't give me any other details other than what I've tried.

I am currently using an xD memory card...could this be the problem? Do I need to go out and buy a CF card? I'm really new to photography, this is my first SLR camera so I don't know too much. I just wanna make sure before I go out and blow money on a CF card if that isn't the problem. I'll eventually get the card anyway, but it's important that I know if it's a problem with my camera or not so that I can take it back to the store if it is.


edit: all other settings on the camera are auto.

cshanaberger Aug 4, 2006 2:16 PM

is the priority release set correctly in the menu for the type of AF your using, if not it will not relase the shutter till the camera determines auto focus is achieved.

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