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Default Setting up the Exposure Shift option on the E620

Went back downtown today, and about half-way through the walk I decided to give something a try. Exposures for the most part are very accurate with the E620, but shooting mainly JPEG and wanting to both avoid ever shooting with auto gradation turned on and get the exposure more exact so I don't have to deal with levels corrections or such, I decided to have a look at an option the E620 provides.

Within the "I" toolbar set of options in the menu system there is something called "Exposure Shift", and it gives the user an option of setting a compensation amount the camera will always apply within a metering option in 1/6th stop options. This is not like exposure compensation in that you can set a factor for multi-segment metering, like I did, and leave the spot and center-weighted options at -0-.

I dialed in +2/6th's of a stop since the histogram is often short of the right-hand end of the histogram when using multi-segment metering and noticed much better exposures the rest of the day, with great detail in the shadows and histograms that look like they really should look.

I'm going to keep watching things to see if I ever need to adjust the setting, but based on the type exposures the E620 was capturing, this could be a permanent setting for me.

Great shadow detail in these images without the typical noise an auto gradation setting would create..

Monochrome mode, with the in-camera yellow filter effect added. Again, great shadow to highlight detail.

Beautiful street lamp from the 1920's in front of the old Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Monochrome mode with the in-camera green filter effect.

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............just when one begins thinking results, with the 620, won't get better... you come up with this and the 'band keeps playing'. The mono files are amazingly good and I like them best here.

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Thanks for this bit of info. I'll give it a shot and see where this leads to. Overall the e620 is an excellent camera however it has focus issues in certain lights and lenses. Unfortunately for the 12-60 you have to lock the focus with the AEL/AFL button and fire away with the shutter release in order to recompose the image.

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Hi Greg,
Thanls for the heads up. I've just finished adjusting the E-30 with your suggested setting. Now, all I need is a bit of time and cooperative sky to try it out.

BTW, Your results are really impressive.

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Great information, Greg-

My E-620 will be delivered on Friday and I will set it just that way. Thanks again!

Sarah Joyce
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I have gone back and dialed the amount down to 1/6th stop from the original 2/6th's setting I initally set. In cases of severe backlighting I started seeing a slight amount of clipping in the highlights that going down to 1/6th of a stop cured in all but the most extreme cases where you know there's going to be some amount of clipping going on. I continue to be amazed at how improved the exposure system on this generation of Olympus DSLR's (which would I'm sure include the E30) is compared to previous models.

Depending on one's own view of how far to the right the histogram should go, many may never have a use for this feature.

I just ordered around twelve 8x10.6 (no crop) prints from Smugmug of various type files I've shot with my E620, from pop art filtered shots, to night major league baseball shot at ISO 2000 and all type subjects in-between to see how the printed images look.

Speaking of prints....if anyone ever uses the creative filters, like Pop art, etc., make sure and disable the auto-color option or your lab will likely try and "correct" your images and ruin the effects you intentionally created.

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