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Default Shots from today

The wife has been nagging me to get some nice shots of our son. So I broke out the 35-100mm and dragged him to a local park.

I don't shoot portraits, usually just wildlife/nature and some sports. This is my first attempt at this style.

The sun wasn't very cooperate as it was very harsh. Had to use fill flash with a FL50 on camera, thinking about getting a radio trigger to use it off camera.

The first two images are with the 35-100mm, the next one is with the 7-14mm @ 7mm. I've been trying to use it more.

I know that they aren't all that great, but I was forced to use a barely cooperate teenager, atleast they stopped the nagging for a little while.
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I must have low standards as I thought they were all great (#2 stuck out for some reason).

I'm willing to bet that the wife enjoyed them all.
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Old Sep 16, 2009, 6:32 AM   #3
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Hi Satire,

These are great examples of the benefits of using a flash outdoors in bright light. Something I forget to do all the time. Thanks for the reminder.
Of course it doesn't hurt to be using 35-100mm glass.

By the way, he's a handsome young man. You were fortunate to get 3 good shots as I remember how difficult it was to get my teenagers to sit still long enough to take 1 shot.

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Old Sep 16, 2009, 7:51 AM   #4
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Great photos of your son! I like them all. My favorite is #3. I like the effect.

- Hiro
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I think they all look great! Great lighting!
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