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acerbicat Sep 14, 2006 7:31 PM

I just took the plunge into the world of dslrs this week, and I purchased a new in box E-500 from Cameta Cameras on Ebay. Unfortunately, they sent me a "factory demo" instead of a new, unopened camera. However, I still charged the battery and used it a few times and it works fabulously! No marks on the surface of the camera, all the manuals are there...if the box didn't have a sticker that read "factory demo" I would have certainly thought this was brand new.

I contacted Cameta and they said I could return the camera and they would promptly send a new one (their customer service is awesome!). However, I'm going on a trip soon and wanted the camera to take with me, so I'm actually considering keeping the demo and asking for a $70 credit applied to my charge card, which is how much less the demo package is going for.

My question is this - does anyone know how many shutter cycles an E-500 is good for? Also, does anyone know how to find out how many actuations, or shutter cycles, the camera has already processed? Judging from the pristine condition, I would assume the camera hasn't been used much, but I'd like to gather this information before I decide to keep it or send it back.

Mikefellh Sep 14, 2006 9:12 PM

-Open card door.
-Turn camera on
-Press Play(green arrow on e500) and ok together
-Press up, then down, then left, and then right
-Press shutter button
-Press up
-press right

R=Shutter count
M=Pixels that are mapped out (pixel mapping)

I've forgotten the rest.

-Turn off and close the card door when you're done.

Personally I've purchased an "open box" E-300, which means the package has been opened in the store and probably tried by customers and/or store staff...I didn't have the benefit of knowing the shutter count, but even though my camera was open box I was given the full Olympus warranty, as well as the opprotunity to purchase an extended three year warranty that's continent wide; it's been just over a year now and no problems.

acerbicat Sep 15, 2006 9:01 AM

ooh, thanks! i'll try this as soon as i get home. I'm pretty curious to find out the shutter count. the camera looks like it's never even been touched.

Reanimator Sep 15, 2006 10:08 AM

nice tip ill note that down, works on e300 too, mine was brand new in sealed box and shows 3766, didnt realise id take that many, think how much that would have cost in film !!

thinking about it i did take over 1000 while on holiday so itll be right !


acerbicat Sep 16, 2006 7:13 AM

i've been in touch with cameta camera, (who i bought the camera from) and after i sent in photos of the camera box and the serial number, they told me that they actually sent me a new, unopened camera, it just accidentally had a factory demo sticker applied to the box. i was a bit skeptical, but i've heard great things about cameta and they've been good to work with so far. so i tried the function outlined above and my shutter count is only at 154! and i am quite sure i've taken that many photos over the past few days just playing around with the camera. so i think i am satisfied that it is actually a new, unused product.

thanks again for the help!

Mikefellh Sep 16, 2006 11:54 AM


I'm pretty curious to find out the shutter count. the camera looks like it's never even been touched.
Just note that your shutter count may be higher than the number of pictures you've taken as things like the one touch white balance trigger the shutter and that would increment the count.

The only time the shutter count could be lower than the number of pictures you've taken is if you use the white balance braketing (which creates three images from the single image you took).

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