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Default Shutter problems ..

Hi Guys

The last two outings with the E3, I've been hit with a problem with the shutter working. What happens is that the cam confirms focus lock and when you try to press the shutter fully it just won't go any further. It did the same today and at first I thought battery - but it was fully charged, and then I tried a number of shots at a slower shutter speed 1/250s which after some hestiation it finally took the pic. Has anyone come across this before and if so how did you fix it ? I've been in touch with Oly support and they suggested a full factory reset which I did, test with another battery and clean the camera/lens contacts and if that all fails the E3 needs to go in for some kind of repair .. which I'm assuming would be shutter failure. If its shutter failure then I'd be a wee bit annoyed at it not even lasting 50k and let alone the 150k its rated for.


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I haven't heard of that problem on any of the Oly forums I participate in. How much do they want for a factory cleaning?

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Sounds like a nasty problem and a way too early for having a broken shutter.
All I can think about is that it need a little bit of oil, that oil did dry out or did get dirty?
Sending it in to Olympus sounds the best option to me but yes, what do they ask for doing a factory cleaning.
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Ummmm, I've not had any such problem on my E-3. I have to agree that it may require a trip back to Oly.

Does it do it with all lens, or is it just with a specific lens? If it is just with one lens it could be a contact problem.
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Its doing to all lenses .. the first time was with the beastie and the battery was low so I didnt take too much notice but today it did the same thing wit the 14-54 so its not good. One thing I've noticed for a long tims is that if you have it on high speed burst, the shutter always felt as if it was going to break so I've never used that option.

I took a pic today and it looks as if the AF was way off - back focused to the right instead of being dead centre.

Oly talked me through doing a factory reset and I've cleaned the contacts, and so far its been ok and I've not been able to reproduce the problem. I'm hoping that fixes it.. Oly didnt give me a price to how much it would cost to repair and I'm assuming it wont be cheap if it is a failing shutter. Will keep you posted.. Planning on doing some further tests with the 35-100 on THursday so will let you all know how it goes.

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