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Default So much for lens pricing plummeting

I remember the disappointment that many people expressed when the E-5 was released not too long ago. Not really disappointed with the E-5 so much , as with the fact that it appeared that Olympus was dropping out of the fourthirds market by announcing that they were concentrating on the micro fourthirds system instead.

Much was written at various Oly forums about people dumping their camera and lenses for pennies on the dollar.

Well, everyday, I look at what used Olympus lenses are for selling or at the usual places. I primarily look at B&H Photo, KEH.com, Adorama.com, Craig's List, as well as EBay.

The prices I see are surprising, Instead of plummeting, the prices for used lenses are rising. Just a month ago, the 11-22mm lens was selling for roughly $500-$525USD. Today that same lens sell for $665USD.

The 50-200mm SWD sold for roughly $850 a month ago. Today, the listed pricing is $999USD.

In every case, the pricing is going up.

So much for buying used lenses dirt cheap.


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Zig - this doesn't surprise me. Quality equipment takes a long time before it depreciates - roughly when it's starting to become obsolete.

I saw this when Nikon stopped production of the excellent Coolscan 9000 film scanner. The price of new ones that vendors had in stock, absolutely skyrocketed. And they're still up at astronomical prices compared to the list price when they were in production.

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Interesting. Someone had earlier asked in the Olympus forum why the price of the XZ-1 hadn't dropped. Here was my post in answering him:
Originally Posted by Lifeforms
Im thinking of getting a XZ-1 for my birthday in September, possibly along with a Fuji HS-20. My question is :

Why hasnt the XZ-1's price gone down yet?

If it was released in January at 400 why has it gone up in price on Amazon?

Anyone know if it will come down eventually like the Pen series?
The reasons are several. The continuing fluctuations of the U.S. dollar means that Oly must have more dollars per camera to meet its costs, and profit forecasts and goals. Also, in the short run, a new camera price is the highest, and the maker tries to balance off max revenue while maintaining demand. This price is usually balanced off the demand curve, and the demand for the XZ-1 has remained strong, so there is no incentive to cut the asking price quickly. When demand of the consumers starts to be fulfilled and then begins to slow and drop, the price cuts may follow. (Some products have been effected by parts shortages from the natural disasters that hit Japan, don't know if that also hit Olympus. Shortages boost prices of any product. ) Barring all other factors, then yes, as a product ages, the price will start to come down, as it is no longer the "newest" product.

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I was talking to my local photo shop today (looking to acquire the 50-200) and they told me that a good portion of DSLR and Lens prices will go up in the next weeks/months.
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Originally Posted by folob View Post
I was talking to my local photo shop today (looking to acquire the 50-200) and they told me that a good portion of DSLR and Lens prices will go up in the next weeks/months.
They already have! It's amazing how prices have gone back up at B&H. At $399, the 70-300 even costs more than what I paid for it way back when. I never thought that lens would be back up to the price level it's at now. $1,199 for the 50-200 SWD that I paid $895 for.

When the price at B&H matches the price you'd pay buying anything at the Olympus Store, you know prices are as high as it gets.
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