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Default Some CAF settings

LCame across this ost over at 43 user forum on setting up the E3/E5/E30 for CAF :

I'm not going to be in any position to test these out for at least 2-3 weeks...got a slipped disk of all of things

If anyone can test out whether theres an improvement in keeper rates - either CAF or SAF esp with on coming objects and post some samples - cats dogs, anything really. Shutter speeds 1/1250 s @ F4-5.6 and with IS off.

Hoping to be better and able to shot a wee bit for the london marathon in 3 weeks..if not then theres a couple of 10K runs that will be happening in May which I'm going to aim for.
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I read slipped disk and thought Bummer. That's not fun mate. Then I read: "Hoping to be better for a shot at the London marathon in three weeks" and thought ....noooo!

You meant with the camera...Silly me..

Get better you nutter.
"You are who you pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.
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A right royal pain in butt..literally. Everything hurts...coughing esp

Not used being stuck inside and am finally on some meds to help with the pain.

Just curious to see if those settings make any difference with the E3 keeper rate with tracking on coming fast targets. Not sure if i'll be okay to take the e3 for the Marathon but if those settings work, it'd be good to know numbers test out
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Harj: sorry to hear of the slipped disk; those are very painful!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I'll rarely use C-AF even for air shows. If a get a chance I will try out some of those suggestions in the near future, maybe on some bird shots, as there is no air show in the near future.

I learned a long time ago to just use single point S-AF for moving objects and that seems to work for me. As you realize, at air shows, the most important aspects are smooth panning and feathering the shutter periodically to keep the focus close on, and then when I take the shot, the S-AF is quick to lock on and almost always spot on.
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Hi Steve

I'm with you on the CAF.. I dont trust it but am curious as to whether those settings will help or not. I think for air shows, SAF is more than good enough but I'd like to see whether for fast on runners coming head on or even slightly head on whether theres any sort of improvement.


Looking at those.. I want to see whether shooting with IS - off, single point AF, max ISO 800, shutter speed of 1/1250-2000 @ F3.5 to 5.6 helps to improve the keeper rate for SAF or CAF. Looking at my last few running events and attempts at BIFS... my shutter speeds been between 1/200-1/640 and F 5.6 to 7 so too slow and too much DOF and could that possibly impact the AF accuracy ?

Birds/Bifs, kids or dogs would be a good test to see whether those additional changes would help. I'm not expecting to see anything of the likes of a Canikon AF but it would be interesting to see whether there's any improvement.

I'm looking at another 2weeks of being house bound and legally drugged up
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