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Sunday morning I took the opportunity to walk the Texas Tech campus and take some images with my E-1 and the 12-60 f2.8-4 Digital Zuiko.

These were processed in Adobe Camera RAW and sharpenedusing Photoshop CS2's Smart Sharpen filter. These files havehad no distortion correction applied, so the slightly wavy distortion at the wide end is there. I tried opening the JPEG's up in Studio and using the auto correction, but the auto correction in Studiowill not work for JPEG's processed in any program other than Studio, so I'd need to re-work the ones I REALLY wanted to fix....or upgrade my version of PTLens that includes a correction for the 12-60 Zuiko...or make a manual correction in Photoshop.

The other thing I noted in using the 12-60 Zuikowith the E1 was, how easy it is to manually focus this lens on the E1 screen. The combination of the buttery smooth mechanically gearedaction of the 12-60 with the larger, brighter, 100% finder of the E1 makes this a fantastic combination, and the SWD motor easily focuses this lens as fast as it does on my E510, which is plenty fast. Paired with the new SWD version of the 50-200 f2.8-3.5 Zuiko, I don't know that there'd be a better set of lensesto use with the E1.

The other great part of using a camera like this with the 100% finder...assuming you take the timeto watch all the corners, is you can make exact compositions with no suprises when you review images. The only need to crop later is if you couldn't get close enough when you originally pressed the release.


This first image is for you Zig..

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Hi Greg,

You're right the E-1 and 12-60mm is a seriously great combo. Those images are extremely sharp!! Really impressive.

I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating, everytime, I think about upgrading to an E-3, or now, the e-30, I see images taken with the E-1 which cause my head to spin. Great resolution and clarity at 5MP.

An intriguing alternative to a E-3 or E-30 for me would be getting an E-1(for a whole lot less). I could then take thesavings and invest in a new lens ormaybe the Panasonic Leica with on board IS.

Fun to think about.

BTW, I like the 1st photo!, thanks.

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The 14-150 OISPana-Leica is a popular lens with E410/E420 users overat DPreview. I would think it'd make a very nice lens with just about any Olympus DSLR,E1 included, and from what I've seen, it's pretty darn tiny for the range it covers.
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