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Default Some E-3 Promotional Adverts .. Who'd have thought it ???!!

Now I always assumed that Oly's marketing of the E-3 was totally inept, well in the UK/Europe and North America at least and thats when I stumbled on these two vid's on you tube...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcyjvG16jeU - E3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP0MqSYACTk - E3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4AT4d8tfCs - E3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTaKfCsKQpI - E520

Nothing like those were ever shown in the UK and I was gob smacked that their marketing team even came up with those for the Japanese/Asian markets! Now if they just rehashed the same ADs for the E-5 they still would be cool, although they could have been done for not accurately showing the E-3's AF system!

The best E system AD though.. still has to be the original for the E-1:


Its interesting that at the end of the E1 vid.. "E-System The Professional Choice".. whats the chance of Oly ever using that quote again ?

Now what they need to do is go out and bring us an E-7 and then market it properly!

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Hi Harj,

Thanks for the links.

As for Olympus and the way they market their products; I've often wondered
how successful they would be if they hired a bunch of marketing people from a company such as a Sony and let them have carte blanche for a year.

Recently, I've read a number of posts on various forums stating their concern of the current situation Olympus finds themselves enmeshed and the possibility of a sale of the camera division to offset losses. I actually believe that might be a good thing for both the company and their customers.

They have a lot of positives: great lenses, cameras that have feature sets and build quality that are typically better than competition (within each class).
They really need a hard driving division manager that listens to their customers needs, improve low light, dynamic range performance in their sensors and bring the level of sophistication of the AF system up to competitive levels. Then work with marketing to really market the products properly.


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Hey Zig

I think you've nailed but since they switched focus mainly to M43 I've wondered how much Oly's camera division actually listens to their customers ? Prime examples are the removal of the AF assist lamp from the E-3 or the AF's systems issues that plagued the E-3 and esp its CAF capabilities which I'm sure they are aware of but simply failed to fix for the E-5. If they had fixed those then the E-5 would surely have been a much more attractive camera to step up to.

There was an interesting chart posted on DPR a couple of weeks ago from Oly just prior to the E-3's launch which showed where Oly thought the E-3 would be better than the yet to be launched D300, one area was that the E-3 would have a faster and more accurate AF but that clearly was way off the mark. Now if they had access to a newer sensor and spent $$$ on fixing the AF system then that would really help.

On another note, I stumbled across this interview with Oly's camera division at the E-5's launch in 2010 and a few interesting bits of the interview were:


1. That Oly thinks that NA and European markets are 1-2 years behind the Asian markets for EVIL type cams.

2. At 1.52 - that the m43 tech isn't up to the capabilities for professional/enthusiast and that for those users a traditional DSLr system is necessary.

3. At 2.37 - hes asked about whether OLy will up the sensor resolution as other mirrorless cam's were coming in at higher MP counts. So 1.5 years after the first pen, Oly 2010 thought that for most users "12MP was enough for most applications." I wonder if they still think that or have moved on from there .. ???

Regards the camera division - if it gets sold.. then I think we can definetly say goodbye to a future FT cam. They may continue with the SHG lenses - the 14-35 and 35-100F2's seem to be firm favorites with the Video crowd, esp those using the Pana AF100.


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