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Default Some more JPEG's from the E620

It stopped raining enough late in the morning to sweat out 2-3 hours at the Arboretum and see what was blooming after not having been out there for a couple of months or so and to do some more JPEG-only shooting...well, I did shoot a few of the images RAW+SHQ just to see if what I was getting from the camera was still preferable to what I could do afterwards.

Started out in the Natural color mode with all the defaults in quality parameters, and set my Auto ISO range at 200-640 with a Low noise filter setting. About half-way through changed the color mode to Vivid and upped the sharpening to +1, but found more was dependent on choosing the right metering mode and dialing in the right exposure compensation, especially when dealing with light on dark backgrounds where spot metering with some positive exposure compensation was always needed to avoid blowing detail in the white, like in this first image..

Where the colors were pretty much the same across the spectrum a general multi-segment metering was all it took to get a great-looking image..

In this next image, I spot metered off the outside white portion of the bloom, dialing in +.3 exposure compensation..

In this next image, I tried both spot metering and evaluative metering. The evaluative metering was overcome by the darker background and overexposed the bloom to the point I lost the pink colors. Spot metering off the outer white and dialing in +.3 exposure compensation brought it back..

Here, there were enough mid-range colors that a basic multi-segment metering setting was all I needed..

Here, it took a spot reading of the top petal with a -.3 compensation to retain the detail in the highlights..

I do make a lot of the same type decisions when shooting RAW, especially when it comes to metering and exposure compensation as you need a well exposed file to work with even in the RAW editor.

The differences were, instead of using auto white balance I just set it to daylight and made an adjustment to the color setting at one point from Natural to Vivid (I have never fooled with this setting before) and made an adjustment in the sharpening setting, which did not appear to really add much and, in high contrast scenes would probably add to noise in the file, so I believe for most cases going forward I'm sticking to -0- on the sharpening.

I never, not even once, thought about playing with the art filters. Court is still out on how much those will ever get used, although if the goal of shooting JPEG is to output as completed a file as possible, I could see myself giving one or two of them a whirl to see if I like the results.

In playing with the RAW files and then comparing them to the in-camera JPEGs I can see what I am doing different in the RAW converter vs. the camera, and its in the application of contrast, as in I'm heavy into the added contrast in my RAW files where the cameras' output is much more neutral, and often with better colors as a result.
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Default Much appreciate the details

Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting this series of images. Especially including the detailed explanations of the settings used. I find shooting images of flowers to be somewhat challanging because of the variations in color combined with the suns reflections on edges of petals. Typically, I get one or the other right but not both consistently.

As for settings, I generally like the ooc jpegs from the E-30 when I set my sharpness and contrast to -1. However, I haven't played much with adjusting the exposure compensation. I've got to try doing that.

As for Art Filters, after briefly trying all of them, I gotta say that the only one that's remotely interesting to me is the light tone (setting 5). I've got some pretty good results shooting some street scenes. I can see, perhaps using the soft focus in some portrait shots but other than that, the rest don't interest me at all as the shots I've done all look a bit too manipulated to me.

BTW, I really think the last image is very well done. Perfectly exposed and the reflection of the petals in the water adds another dimension to the image that, with a tiny bit of cropping, would make it a display piece.

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.........thanks for today's class Greg.

That is a lot of stuff, GOOD stuff too, but I will need another cup of coffee B4 the exam.
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