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Default Something old .. and something new,.... back to street shooting

The first three pics taken with the E3 this weekend.. I decided to pull my finger out and start shooting on the street again. All converted from RAW using LR.

1. Sunset on over the Thames E3 +35-100F2

2. "Play that funky music..." E3 + 14-54ZD

3. "Mind your steps lads!". E3 + 35-100F2

Now something old.. a few pics from Holland with the E1 RAW converted using LR and this time with me actually understanding how to use the app!

4. "Bike" - Leiden, Holland.

5. "Side street", Lieden, Holland

6. "The River Rhine", Lieden, Holland.



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Old Jul 8, 2009, 12:50 AM   #2
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The band and horse poop shot is great!

The shot with the street lamps and church in the background is right up my alley. Love shots like that. Lots of great photo ops at home and you're just a fast train ride away from many others. Very nice selection of images and I really like your black & white treatments.
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Old Jul 8, 2009, 2:58 AM   #3
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While scrolling up and down to observe these inspiring pictures, each time my eyes stuck on #5, which, thanks to your tasteful composition, fully exploits emotional process of the mind, a privilege of photography.
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Old Jul 8, 2009, 4:15 AM   #4
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All very good.

I like the bike the best.

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Old Jul 8, 2009, 5:29 AM   #5
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Hey Harj,

With all the posts lately talking about the 50-200mm, macro shooting or the exotic 14-35mmf2.0, the 14-54ZD has gotten pushed back into the background. Your images remind me just how good that lens really is at providing great image quality and detail.

All are really fine but I keep going back to #5. Something about the composition and colors in that capture that keep drawing me back.

Keep that finger out and on the shutter release!

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Hi Guys

Thanks for all the comments. I really like the presets that LR gives and No 5 had the aged photo one applied to it, although I had to tweak it afterward's with my own preferred options (Sharpness 40, detail 100, clarity 21). The same applied to the B&W of the bike, adjusting the contrast and using the recovery tool as the High Contrast Preset sets them back to default, as well as sharpness, clarity and detail.

Greg, the band + horse poop I only spotted when I got home. I was distracted by a police officers just as I was taking the shot because of the camera and rucksack!

I'm planning on shooting off to a couple of long weekends in europe so I can get back into the groove, London's pretty much the same .. not much to see around here!

Zig, I wish the 14-54 was sharper and hence my hankering for the F2 but its still a very fine piece of glass. Has anyone tested the MK II to see how it compares to the MK1 and the 12-60 ?



; o )>
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Old Jul 8, 2009, 2:33 PM   #7
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..hi Harj,

Zig said, "Keep that finger out and on the shutter release!".

I too recommend the same, Glad to see your street shots again. While I admire your studio work and commend your for doing the challenge, it is these type photos from you that I have missed.

For these, of course I like seeing the 14-54ZD output as it does inspire me to use mine more. The 'Funky Maestros" make a fun photo, the rest are just terrific.......... thanks for posting them.

BTW, how's the 'hackintosh' coming along, what OS?
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