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jelow1966 Feb 24, 2010 10:19 PM

Speaking of evolving...
I decided to stop being such a ludite and listen to the good advice I've gotten here and get me some digital glass. To that end I'm awaiting a Sigma 135-400 I found at Adorama. Looking forward to testing it out and comparing it to the old glass I have. One thing I know I like about it is the 7' focus distance at 400mm, roughly twice as close as I can do now. Of course it's also near that at anything less which isn't so good since I have a couple of 300mm that will focus around 1m or so. Anyway I will of course post samples and comparisons etc though it might just be studio stuff unless it gets here by the weekend which I'm not expecting. Nice thing, I know if I don;t like it there are people here who would be glad to take it off my hands :)


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