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probert Dec 14, 2002 9:52 AM

Stupid question of the day.........
Okay a little background first........... last Christmas i got my first digital camera, an Olympus 2040Z. GREAT little camera. I bought a couple of filters and add on lenses for it, loved it. I was never into photography before that, so i'm a 100% novice, learning as i go. Anyway, saw the E20N and thought .... WOW GOTTA HAVE IT!!! lol. Recieved it a week ago.......... LOVE it so far. Being as green as i am with this new love of photography, i'm at a total loss with technical stuff. Can i just add filters (UV, Polorizer) straight to the lens or do i need an adapter like on my old Olympus? How about if i want to add a zoom lens or wide angle down the road? I'm sorry if this seems pretty dumb but like i said i'm totally a novice with NO background at all. I love this hobby though, and i LOVE this camera!!!! Any help is ALWAYS appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Bert Bigelow Dec 27, 2002 11:45 PM

I just bought my E20N a couple months ago. I bought a complete package, including UV filter, FL-40 flash, etc. I can tell you that the UV filter screws directly into the lens, and the lens cap works on the UV filter. It also includes a collapsible lens hood, which I like better than the one that came with the camera.
WA and TF adapters are also available, and I am pretty sure they screw directly onto the lens. Before you buy them, I would suggest that you get some experience with the zoom, though. I have found the zoom range sufficient for my needs without adapters. But that's only MY opinion, and your needs may be different.

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