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This model offers a 10x optical (37-370mm) zoom capability, the longest in Fujifilm’s consumer category.
- From http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_...uji_s5100.html

So if I understand this correctly, the E500 Kit will not be able to zoom in as close without buying another lens . The next lens up, the $AU 1369.00 Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mm, F2.8-3.5, costs more than the whole E500 kit and I have read and seen examples of the Sigma which are not flattering.

Will the E500 be able to let me take better pictures than the s5500 ?, like these I have taken at - http://www.wolf9.org/ on the ' Photos ' page.

What am I to do ?, I want a better camera but can not afford or justify any more money.

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Gidday mate
I'll tell you what I know. The Oly e500 will give you better pics, but at a price! Your needs are for distance shots of birds far away, and so, the Zuiko digital lenses are your only option if you want the full power of the 4/3rds system in your shots. By this I mean accurate metering and auto focus. A much cheaper option though would be to get a lens adapter on ebay (I got mine for $40 delivered, AUD) which opens you up to being able to use cheap legacy lenses. I got the OM mount, and it works really well with a $20 f1.8 50mm lens that I found in a pawnshop. The only hitch is that it is manual focus only. I found manual focus surprisingly easy to use, but I'm using a 35mm equivalent 100mm focal length fast lens. I suspect with a manual zoom lens, you might find focussing manually much more difficult. And you will probably need a tripod, because the e500 does not have image stabilization of any kind. If the 2 lens kit is the limit your budget, I would say that if you want any other lens though, an adapter and manual focus seem your only option. The good thing is that cheap legacy Olympus OM lenses seem pretty readily available. I notice canon and nikon system lenses almost always cost way more on ebay. This is an advantage of getting into the Olympus 4/3rds system, albeit an undocumented one!

You are, to be honest, probably better to considr something else though. In DSLRs, you might want to consider something like the Penta K100D, which has built in image stabilisation, and which JB Hi Fi sells for $899; you can probably get a bit more knocked off. This leaves you with over $400 to pay with, though I havent researced Pentax zoom lenses, so I cant comment on how much a long zoomer might cost you. But the image stabilisation is essential for your kind of distance shooting. The E500 cannot offer you this at this time, o matter how much you spend on lenses.

You might alternatively also want to consider spending much less and going for a non-slr, like the Panasonic Fz1 (which you can firmwae upgrade to an fz2). This is a 6 year old camera with a Leica lens and a 12x zoom (35 to 420 mm!) which you can pick p for under $200 on ebay. This also has built in stabilisation. It is only 2 megapizel though, but type in "megapixel myth" in google, and you will hopefully conclude it doesnt matter if you only make 6 x 4 prints.

As a rule though, non SLRs will perform slower than SLRs, so flying birds will be a problem the ones that sit nicely and still for you though, in good light, well, you will get pictures that are as good as any other camera - even a dslr - using the fz1.

My conclusion: given your requirements (need long zoom, fast shutter speed, mainly daylight outdoor pics) and $1400 budget, get the Pentax k100D instead, if you want an slr. Otherwise, stick with your 5500, or get the lumix or any other "old" digital with a long zoom and IS for a fraction of the price.

There's a dirty little secret with cameras - read this article: www.kenrockwell.com/tech/notcamera.htm

Hope this helps a little.
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