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The mist was slow burning off today, in fact it sort of hovered around the coast all day. So just before sunset I went down the hill to the beach and took a few shots. I tried different settings and got some nice results by slowing the speed by about a full (-1.0) stop and telling the cameras WB that it was cloudy. Gave a nice warm finish.

BUT..! I need some imput here on lens flare, or how in the heck do you stop it..???
I ruined quite a few shots that I thought would have been keepers.

This first one the lens flare was cropped out and I was OK with it.

This is one with some flare.

This one was "Spot on"

I went -2 stops with this one taken a little earlier. I was pretty pleased with the way it came out. Until I saw the flare.

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hi Scouse, nice pics. your lucky to have views like that. check this out:
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What lens were those shot with? I know some designs are more prone to that sort of thing. The only Digital Zuiko I've owned that showed that type issue was the 7-14 because of the huge front element...if I wasn't careful to shade the lens from strong side-lighting I could wind up with flare across the field.

The long zoom I use (70-300 Digital Zuiko) hasn't shown a sign of anything like that, and I've used itfor that same type subject...


Being directly in the face of the lens, the hood is not going to help prevent it, so I'm not sure what else you could be doing. It may just be an issue with the lens designyou're going to have to "fix" in post processing, which at times will be tricky, depending over what the flare covers.
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Hi, Scouse

Other than maybe the consideration of the design and construction of the lens mentioned above, I don't think you can do much about flare when you're shooting directly into the sun itself.

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Yeh....You're right of course, I asked you guys because you always know the right answers...:-)

The lens was the 40-150 kit. It's quite a good one for anything else. What I have noticed is the flare angle I might be able to use that and crop. Eg photo 3, if you drawtwo lines, horizontal and vertical on center then the flare is dia.............Nah! That requires thought..:?

Some day, when I sell another house or two I'll pick up the 70-300

It was a fun exercise though, the beach was deserted exept for a young lady just sitting quietly watching the same sun go down. Magic moments.

edit: Nice, really nice smug mug photos Greg. I have to look into Smugmug or Zenphoto for a site. Thanks for the link gwillys, It's slow on dial up here, (One of the joys of living on theisland here) I'll look at it this evening when I have more time.

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