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gjtoth Mar 19, 2012 2:02 PM

Travel Case
I'm sure you've seen these cases either online or at a local store. I picked this one up at Harbor Freight for $24. It holds everything my big, ol' Tamrac did, has hard sides, locks, and I feel it's less susceptible to hard knocks & bumps. The top inside panel folds out for manuals and other stuff. I plan on putting a couple of straps for a tripod later on. I will still hang onto my Lowepro 202AW for taking what I feel I'll need for a day afield. But, for $24, this is hard to beat. The Tamrac is being retired. :)

Ozzie_Traveller Mar 19, 2012 3:00 PM

G'day Gary

Well done - this looks like 'my' sort of case too
I have used a lawn-bowls case of similar dimensions since the 1970s !!! to hold camera bodies + lenses + flashgun and it's a great way to cart the stuff around

In my case [pun intended] it is brown -rather than shiny- and doesn't attract so much attention as it looks just like a small suitcase. Still tho, I can & do stand on it at times to get head-&-shoulders above the madding crowd on those occasions when I need to be 7-feet-tall

Regards, Phil

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