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Default Trip Outfit- Space and that Dang 50-200 hood

Since getting my 12-60 back and having determined it's 100%, my outfit for San Francisco in June is set with the 12-60 and 50-200 SWD's.....but still taking the 9-18 as a hedge, just in case.

Next thing on the list was what bag of those I have to use to try and make it as portable as possible. Backpack is out as I will already have one of those on to carry misc. non-photographic stuff for us on day trips, and wanting to have easy access the shoulder bag was going to be the bag of choice.

I have three Tamrac "System" bags, the "4" for a small E620 set, a medium "6" and largest "8" Series bag. The "6" is actually the most practical. Smaller enough over the "8" to be worth it and my E30, 12-60 and 50-200 actually fit in it perfectly with one exception....the hoods.

The hood for the 12-60 is just long enough mounted in the shooting position to present a problem when the 50-200 is in its' compartment, and the 50-200 SWD hood is, plain and simple, a royal PITA due to its' size.

The hood for the 12-60 has, over time, become progressively harder and harder to put on and take off so I prefer to just leave it on in shooting position because I have read of other users experiencing the same thing, with one or two actually breaking off the mount applying too much preasure as it turns out only 4 plastic screws hold that front panel on the lens in place, so too much torque and too many times putting on and taking off that hood over time isn't a good thing.

So...my solution is, after long consideration...the hoods are staying home, especially after trying the 12-60 out during a mid-morning trip to Fair Park and intentionally shooting in heavy back and side-light to see how the lens handles it without the hood. It turns out, the lens (and the E30's metering and auto gradation systems) handle it quite well..

The light areas on the blue art-deco fountain design is not flare, just some light areas on the structure.

Just need to take care to not bang them around, knowing the hoods are not there to protect the front elements. I'll just leave the caps on more often than I have in the past.

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I agree about the hood. The thing is way bigger than necessary, and its a harder plastic to boot. The thing makes a twang if struck, and that happens all the time to me in the field. So much for trying to sneak up on wildlife.

Good luck on the San Fran trip. Looking foward to the results. I think you may want the 25 pancake along too (I think you have one, don't you) as I think street shots would be great there.

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Greg, I to have had problems with the hood on the 12-60mm, one thing I have done is take a #2 pencil & "scribble" it on all the contact areas of the hood & lens, the graphite in the pencil is an excellent dry lubricant & is relatively soft so it will not damage the lens, but if you are concerned use a uv filter while you "lube" the catches.
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Hi Greg,

I too, hope you have a great trip to the left coast and am looking forward to seeing your travelog.

As far as lens choices go, the 12-60mm and if, I had one, the 9-18mm would be part of my kit as I think you'll have ample UWA photo opps. As much as I love the 50-200mm, I think I would rather bring the 70-300mm. It's lighter and smaller - I usually stick it in my cargo pants pocket. It also gives you the ability to do some macro shots with flowers, etc. The 25mm, as Greg pointed out, would also be a great choice.

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........since I don't have a 12-60, 9-18 or a 25 I have no suggestion Greg except that I think the 25 may would be a convenient one for Chinatown and the wharf days.

Looking forward to many great photos, SF was always a fun time for us when we lived in Cal all those young years long ago, hi hi.
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I think you have the lens issue covered. As far as other equipment, based on my previous S.F. trips in the summer, a windbreaker could be your most appreciated items in your luggage.
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