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r1wigs May 20, 2009 6:56 PM

TTL Flash for E-500
Are there any cheaper flash units out there for the Evolt 500 that actually work with the camera?(TTL) I have seen many that claim they work but reviewers claim otherwise. I want a flash but don't want to pay a fortune for one. Or does anyone have any recommendations for a non-TTL flash that will work well.

zig-123 May 21, 2009 6:59 AM


This question is probably better posted in the Olympus DSLR Forum. But, here is a link to a similar question posted by another forum member:

FWIW, I use an FL-36 by Olympus. It is a perfect match up for your E-500.
Not sure what your budget is but since the FL-36 is discontinued, you can usually pick up a used one for around 125-160bucks.

billy May 29, 2009 11:38 AM

I'm going to move this over to the Olympus dSLR forum, you should get a bit more feedback there.

boBBrennan May 29, 2009 12:24 PM

.......the ProMaster 5750 works for me
..........I have a FL-36 Olympus that is excellent and the small size makes it very convenient to have in the bag.

I also have a ProMaster 5750DX and use it with my C7070WZ, E-300 DSLR and E-3 DSLR. The current Olympus module is TTL compatible for all the current Olympus DSLR cameras since the flash data re-do commencing with the E-300.

While the FL-36 is complete with TTL including the flash zoom following the lens zoom the ProMaster is TTL compatible sans the flash zoom. The head has 3-positions detented zoom which is manually adjusted. For me this has never been an issue. The ProMaster head swivels 180 degrees and tilts to 90 degrees, fitted with a StoFen diffuser the flash works very well.

For me the Promaster has been good, it is physically large, I do recommend the Promaster as a price alternative to the FL-50R Olympus, FL-36R or the Metz series for Olympus.

For a look the following link is the store from which I purchased my 5750 DX flash, it is a reliable store.

I hope this helps.

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