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Default Unexpected visitors



I've seen the squirrel twice hanging off the feeder. So, I know it's him. Not quite sure how to defend against that, any tips would be appreciated.

I wonder how long it'll take him to completely ruin my feeder?

In any case, seeing the Woodpecker was pretty cool. We've seen him a few times at the feeder and rarely in a position to take a picture of him. Also, I've seen two huge Blue Jays roam around in the forest of our house (as with a few Woodpeckers). I hope they feel welcomed to the feeder and pay it a visit!
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.22 lr
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If you place some seeds on the ground, that might defer interest in the hanging feeder. I purchased a little box with a lid that I secured to a tree and the squirrels tend to stick to that. There are quite a few squirrels that visit my feeding area(s).

Years ago when I lived in a rather large city, our neighbors were chopping down all the grandfather oaks in their yard. Being curious, we asked them why they were cutting down all their trees as we wondered if their trees had a disease that might infect our trees. But no; the elderly couple was chopping down all their trees because the squirrels were damaging their new lawn set. From there going forward, the elderly couple would sit in the blazing sun in their lawn chairs, large stumps surrounding them. I swear, the yard looked like it had been invaded by bowling pins. Squirrel problem solved.
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Woodpeckers love suet so you should hand a suet feeder nearby if you haven't already. Mom gets a lot of Stellar Jays at her feeder. Make for great pictures. Odd that despite being in woods full of squirrels I have yet to see one at the feeder. Maybe the brown ones don't like bird feed. Chipmunks do, but mostly they go for what's on the ground so she makes sure there is some for it and the ground birds. Real problem is the crows who will just eat everything. The racoon doesn't help either but hey, I got some great pics of it on my last visit so even if she hates the thing I don't mind.

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